Five Gruesome Deaths In Chainsaw Man That Gave Fans Trauma

Chainsaw Man is full of blood, gore, and other forms of gruesome imagery. It has been known to blur the lines between shonen and seinen. And that’s never more apparent than in the series’ more brutally violent scenes. Here’s everything you need to know about the most gruesome death in Chainsaw Man.

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Reze Blows Division 2 AwayReze

When they first encounter Reze as the Bomb Devil, Nomo puts up a good fight. However, it’s just not enough. After she literally obliterates the rest of Division 2, Nomo is the last one left barely standing. Nomo survives a direct blast from the Bomb Devil after she latches onto her, somehow emerging with only a missing arm.

While she acknowledges that Nomo was hard to kill, when all’s said and done, Reze appears in front of Aki’s vehicle, holding the heads of both Nomo and the Vice Captain.

The Gun Devil Fulfills Its ContractThe Gun Devil: Five Gruesome Deaths In Chainsaw Man That Gave Fans Trauma

The Gun Devil’s appearance when called upon by Makima was the most cataclysmic event in the series up to that point. Within twelve seconds of its appearance, the Gun Devil killed thousands of people by hitting them with a bullet from as far as 1,500 meters away.

The Gun Devil’s carnage included it’s firing a bullet through the head of every adult male and child within a set distance. It hits every person born in specific months of the year through the heart.

Makima Proves The Validity Of Spontaneous CombustionMakima

After defeating and capturing Denji in the name of the Gun Devil, the Katana Devil and Akane attempt to escape with Denji in their custody. However, nothing escapes the control of Makima, and she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Using a bus of convicts as collateral, Makima completely crushes the Katana Devil’s companions instantly. This is the first real show of Makima’s power in the series, and it’s really only a small hint at what’s to come.

Chainsaw Man Could Fight For EternityChainsaw Man: Five Gruesome Deaths In Chainsaw Man That Gave Fans Trauma

After being stuck on the eighth floor of an infinite hotel controlled by the Eternity Devil, Denji is left with little choice but to fight. With nothing to lose, Denji dives straight into the Eternity Devil’s mouth in order to find its heart. Once inside, Denji endeavors to give the eternity devil an eternity of pain if necessary, proclaiming that he’ll make it wish it were dead.

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Makima’s Death Was A Whole SnackMakima

Denji’s final battle against Makima was gruesome in and of itself, and the image of her ripping out Pochita from Denji’s chest was one of the most powerful images in the manga. However, things became arguably even uglier in the aftermath of their fight.

Not only did Denji have to cut her to pieces, but given her immortality, the only way he could truly get rid of Makima once and for all was to eat her. As Denji proceeds to cook some relatively appetizing meals, fans can’t help but look on in disgust due to the true nature of the meat.

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