Five Strongest Mages Of Black Clover

Here is everything you need to know about the five strongest mages of Black Clover.

Julius NovachronoJulius Novachrono

Julius is the strongest mage in the entire kingdom and controls time using his time magic. He can speed up, slow down, stop, and reverse time. And he is able to achieve this feat by stealing time from those he battles. He has saved up his stolen time as reserves.

Furthermore, he can cast a spell that encompasses the entire Clover Kingdom thanks to his incredibly high levels of magic power. He can also cure wounds on himself and others by returning the flow of time. Since Julius’s Time Magic is erratic, his potential as a mage is immeasurable.

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Licht is one of the ten Apostles of Sephirah and the head of the Elf Tribe. He decimates the Clover Kingdom after the Massacre of the Elf Tribe. After being betrayed, Licht transforms into a demon and ruins the Clover Kingdom. The first Wizard King eventually kills him.

The Eye of the Midnight Sun successfully resurrected him centuries later. Due to him being born as an elf, Licht has a great deal of magical power. Licht can elevate himself and other people by concentrating incredibly enormous amounts of mana.

Yami SukehiroYami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro is a member of the Yami Clan from the Hino Country. He can create and control the element of darkness using his dark magic ability. His dark magic can attract other types of magic, specifically Light Magic, and absorb it into the darkness.

He is classified as an Arcane Stage mage because his Dark Magic can influence other dimensions. Only extremely powerful Clover royals, the toughest elves, and high-ranking devils surpass Yami in terms of magic power.


Asta was looked down upon and shunned from a young age since he was born without mana. However, his lack of mana did not stop him from training relentlessly to improve his physical strength. Asta possesses anti-magic, which he can use to dispel magic. Despite not having any mana, Asta is an Arcane Stage mage due to the mastery of his Anti Magic energy.

He can use Ki, a sixth sense, to detect and respond to originally undetectable threats and people. By controlling his Ki, Asta can also focus Anti Magic in his arm and quickly release it with a downward slash.

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The Witch QueenThe Witch Queen

The Witch Queen is the leader of the witches living in the Witch’s Forest. She uses her blood magic ability to produce and control blood. Her charms can reverse centuries-old curses, restore broken bones, and fortify limbs.

Her mana completely engulfs the Witches’ Forest and thwarts Ladros’ capacity to absorb and store magic. She blew a sizeable hole in her throne room wall by releasing her mana. It shows the level of destruction she can cause with just her mana.

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