Five Twisted Dark Anime

Here is everything you need to know about the five twisted dark anime.

Paranoia AgentParanoia Agent

Paranoia Agent is one of the darkest mind-bending psychological anime. Its story revolves around a young kid named Lil’s Slugger who terrorizes Tokyo residents with his golden bat.

While Paranoia Agent has violent deaths, it never really gets gore. What makes the show dark is its fascinating plot twists, intriguing mysteries, and thought-provoking themes about the dark side of our society.

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Monster is one of the most engaging dark anime about a serial killer and a Japanese surgeon. His life suddenly gets filled with mystery, deaths, and heartbreak. He finds out that his former patient, Johan, is the dangerous serial killer the police can’t seem to catch.

The Monster has thought-provoking storylines and well-written character arcs. It make the story suspenseful and haunting without gore or violence. This psychological thriller deals with dark and meaningful themes, including good vs evil.

Corpse Party: Tortured SoulsCorpse Party: Tortured Souls

It is one of the darkest horror anime with mixed reviews. Corpse Party has manga, anime, and a game, and there are some differences between them. Some things are better in the game than in the anime. But both have plenty of gore, violence, and surprising deaths that make the story so popular.

The story follows a group of high school friends who perform a charm that should help them become better friends. Instead, it transports them into the spooky Heavenly Host Elementary School. There they are attacked by the murderous ghosts of the school’s students who also died gruesome deaths.

Elfen LiedElfen Lied

Elfen Lied has mostly bright visuals and cute characters, it’s not a show for the faint of heart. It is easily one of the darkest and greatest sci-fi anime with gore, nudity, and a whole lot of violent deaths. The anime’s story follows a race of mutants who want to murder all of mankind.

These mutants are called the Diclonii and can look and behave just like any other human. When Kouta befriends Lucy, a girl with a split personality, he doesn’t know what kind of horror he’s getting into. However, Elfen Lied is another fascinating dark anime with deep and emotional storylines.

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Another is a tragic psychological horror anime with supernatural elements and a storyline. This terrifying story follows a young boy named Koichi who transfers into the mysterious Yomiyama Middle School. He soon meets Mei, and the two become good friends.

Things soon turn really dark and gore when students get mysteriously and violently murdered. Koichi finds himself in the middle of a dark mystery and has to uncover his school’s haunting secrets to survive.

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