How Much Money Does The MCU Pay Comic Creators?


According to three corroborating sources who spoke with The Guardian, Marvel is currently offering a flat rate of $5,000 to comic book creators whose work is adapted into a movie. Additionally, writers and artists can generally expect an invitation to the film’s premiere, which, you know, is something.

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It’s all thanks to the traditional work-for-hire contracts that creatives sign on to when going to work for Marvel or DC. They’re paid a set amount, covering not just their work, but also the rights to it. Imagine a retail job where the store owned anything that you doodled when you were bored in exchange for an hourly rate. Now imagine that the store sold those doodles for a billion dollars two or three times a year.

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The Guardian went on to note that, in response to questions on the matter, a spokesperson for Marvel stated that the company is “having ongoing conversations with writers and artists pertaining to both recent and past work.”

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