How Much Profit Marvel Makes Off Each Film?


See, for a marvel movie to be profitable, it has to make roughly twice its costs, advertising and marketing included.


And MCU movies are costly, very costly. In the more recent movies, not too many expensive actors remain (but still enough to make quite a dent in budgets), but special effects, and marketing cost more than a pretty penny for Marvel movies.

So it means that they generally need to make quite a lot of dough to be considered a success. Where a super hero movie in the 90s-00s could be considered a box office success with 500–600 millions worldwide, an MCU movie making that is a failure (or at least, barely profitable, depends on the movie).

The mistake they made is that the Infinity Saga was a never-seen-before success, with multiple entries over the billion dollars mark. They thought it would go on like this. But it was lightning in a bottle, and the movies since then have rarely been so successful, because they didn’t engage the public as much.

Breakdown of how much money The Marvels lost. This makes me so happy :  r/FuckMarvel

Add to that the COVID effect, where people got used to watch pop-corn movies at home, rather than in theaters, and getting over 600–700 millions worldwide has started to become difficult. It’s simple, since Endgame, they have only 2 movies (both Spiderman movies) over the 1 billion mark, and only 4 made over 500 millions, all sequels (Strange 2, Thor 4, Black Panther 2, Guardians 3), all the others were below that, and one even lost money (The Marvels). The rest were profitable, but only thanks to a limited budget (200 millions and below).

That’s a consideration that made them revise their plans, and try to get more people out, by spacing out the movies and above all the TV shows, that have stolen quite a bit of spotlight.

That said, the MCU remains certainly the most profitable franchise ever, with 29 billions to date, for a total budget of 6 billions, so more than 4 times what it cost. No wonder Disney still finance the movies!

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