Iron Man truly defines who a true superhero is?

A superhero is not one with any special powers. A superhero is one who knows
how to use ordinary powers extraordinarily. We all have a misconception in
mind that if we mention a superhero, he/she needs to have any kind of
supernatural powers. But the fact is if a person becomes mentally strong and has
the courage to give sacrifices for others, then that person is a superhero.
The best example for this is our favorite Iron Man, who has no supernatural powers
like Thor or Captain America. But Tony has the greatest powers of all, his
intelligence and his kindness which makes him the greatest of all.

Iron Man’s superpowers are self-made

Iron Man about to meet Nick Fury for the first time
The powers of Tony Stark is his intelligence, courage, and multi-million dollar company. Now some might have a question in mind that how Tony doesn’t have any power if he has a
highly advanced suite reserved for him. But let me remind you that the suit was also
created due to the intelligence of Tony making him a genius. As Thor depends upon
the Dwarf for his weapon, Tony doesn’t rely on anyone for his weapons as he makes
his own weapons out of anything as seen in Iron Man 3.

An Army of Suits


Also, we have seen that Tony made a large army of automated Iron Man suits for
protection purposes. These suits included Mark I to Mark LXXXV. But what if Tony
stopped making Iron Man suits after Mark XLII? This is not quite possible as Tony is
a creative mind who lets his creativity unleash in his suits. But for once if we
consider this situation, then would it change anything in the timeline? Actually, Yes,
it would because as we have seen in Avengers Infinity War that Tony survived the
battle against Thanos due to his nano-tech suit which provided him continuous
armor against that Mad-Titan.

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