Jerry Seinfeld’s Directorial Debut is Ambitious

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Pop-Tarts came to life in a whirlwind four-month period back in 1964. For over a decade, Jerry Seinfeld has been crafting jokes about them, first on stage and now in a full-blown, delightfully absurd comedy aimed at satisfying the audience’s craving for both humor and nostalgia.

In “Unfrosted,” Seinfeld takes on his first starring role in a live-action film as Bob Cabana, a made-up character who shakes up the breakfast scene as a cereal innovator. Seinfeld also directs the film, working alongside his longtime writing partners Spike Feresten, Andy Robin, and Barry Marder.

The War to Win Breakfast


In the movie, Jerry Seinfeld portrays Bob Cabana, a high-ranking executive at Kellogg’s headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan. Alongside his boss, Edsel Kellogg III (played by Jim Gaffigan), Bob revels in their status as America’s top breakfast cereal provider.

However, their rivals at Post, led by Marjorie Post (Amy Schumer) and her associate Rick Ludwin (Max Greenfield), are determined to outshine Kellogg. They unveil a new product that they believe will revolutionize the market. Bob catches wind of this innovation when two kids discover it in Post’s trash bins.

He realizes it could be a game-changer, describing it as potentially transportable, heatable, and even nutritious.

The movie takes liberties with reality, much like Pop-Tarts differ from real fruit. However, it’s accurate that Battle Creek, Michigan, often dubbed “cereal’s Silicon Valley” by Seinfeld, was the epicenter of a Cold War-like competition between Kellogg’s and General Foods to market a breakfast option that didn’t require a bowl and spoon.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Unfrosted is a Nostalgia Trip

“Unfrosted” is packed with nostalgic items from the Atomic Age, such as Sea-Monkeys, Bazooka bubblegum, X-Ray specs, and more. The movie also references adult figures like Walter Cronkite, portrayed as a drunken mess, and even significant events like the January 6 insurrection. The acting style is reminiscent of cartoon characters, with exaggerated expressions and comedic performances, making Jerry Seinfeld’s natural persona blend seamlessly into the mix.

Unfrosted is now streaming officially on Netflix.

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