Karen Gillan Lands in Australia For Thor: Love and Thunder


Another much-awaited movie of phase 4 and the film which supposedly looks like an Avengers 5 movie is Thor: Love and Thunder.

Phase 4

With Marvel gearing up to start its phase 4 with WandaVision in less than seven days, we are too excited to the level of losing our sanity. If you are a fan and have been too depressed after Endgame, this is a normal reaction.

With many of the stars already in Australia and prepping hard, the recent one to join the set is Karen Gillan, who will be reprising her role as Nebula.

Thor and his pals on adventures

With Thor going off on his adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy crew by the end of Endgame, we knew that the GOTG crew would make a cameo or have a small role in the movie. But recent rumors and theories suggest that they will have much more significance.



Well, with Marvel announcing the movie’s villain, it looks like Thor will need all the help he can get. According to the comics, Gorr the Butcher has caused Thor so many problems and has given Thor a close shave to death.

Every time it is like Thor barely escapes the Butcher. So, now that Lady Thor is in play and with GOTG crew the alongside the God of Thunder, it should help him finally kill the Butcher.

Thor back on Earth

According to some theories, it is said that the Butcher has already attempted to take Thor’s life earlier in our MCU timeline, and we might get to see about that too. According to the comics, the Butcher comes to Earth many times searching for Thor, so we might get to see the crew back on Earth.

We knew that GOTG crew means it has Nebula in it but didn’t have any confirmation. With Karen Gillan finally appearing in Australia, we are a hundred percent sure. If you haven’t been following every Marvel news like me, let me give you the last news we got from Thor: Love and Thunder front.

Heimdall to Return

Well, after we found out about Christian Bale’s character name, we saw Idris Elba, who plays Heimdall in the franchise, also roaming Australia. It wasn’t just a rumor as Taika Waititi had shared pictures with Elba during an event in Australia.


While many think he is there for just the event, many fans question why Elba would risk his health again just to meet some sports team. Elba is a COVID-19 survivor, so that question made a lot of sense to us.

Anyhoooo…..we have to wait some more time to get any news that’s solid when it comes to Love and Thunder!

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