Least Exciting Quirks In My Hero Academia

Here is everything you need to know about the least exciting Quirks in My Hero Academia.

Toru HagakureToru Hagakure

Invisibility works as advertised: it makes Hagakure’s body imperceptible to light, offering a level of camouflage that cannot be underestimated. This Quirk cannot be switched on or off, making it slightly tiresome in situations where Hagakure wishes to be visible.

Further, there isn’t anything special Invisibility can do as of now, aside from minor photonic adjustments. Having a cliche Quirk does little to slow Hagakure down in her quest to become a Pro Hero, though.

Kota IzumiKota Izumi

Kota Izumi is the only child of the Water Hoses, a superhero couple whose Quirks revolve around the manipulation of liquid water, so it’s not surprising that his powers do the same thing, albeit with a significantly reduced output.

He refuses to use his Water Gun for so long that most people don’t even realize he has a Quirk, but Deku’s battle against Muscular triggers the little boy into manifesting it for the first time. Although not very compelling, Water Gun might grow stronger over time.

Mashirao OjiroMashirao Ojiro

Mashirao Ojiro’s Tail is an elongated extension of his body with astonishingly high potential. Its functionality, while impressive, is severely limited in terms of brute force, mobility, dexterity, and everything that a decent Quirk is meant to provide.

The fact that Mashirao does wonders with Tail is beside the point because it generally fails to awe or inspire anyone who sees him in action. It’s literally a human skin-covered tail capped with a knot of hair at the tip.


Selkie, the Sea Rescue Hero, is famous for his marine recovery and salvage efforts, using different aspects of his Quirk over the course of each mission. He can replicate the abilities of spotted seals, and he obtains notable upgrades in speed, durability, strength, and so on.

In addition, Spotted Seal allows Selkie to survive without oxygen for extended durations, as well as convey information through echolocation. That said, his Quirk isn’t one that raises many eyebrows.

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Recovery GirlRecovery Girl

A Quirk as powerful as Recovery Girl’s Heal deserves a lot more recognition and attention than it gets, considering that it can restore those lingering at death’s door to the peak of health with a single kiss.

Heal employs the patient’s energy as currency for the recovery process, protecting its wielder from unnecessary damage. Recovery Girl is arguably U.A.’s most essential staff member, despite how lackluster her Quirk appears on the surface.

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