The Witcher: Why Did Nilfgaard Attack Cintra?


The obvious answer here is for Ciri, but we know that the root of this was something more sinister. The reason Nilfgaard attacked Cintra will be explored in the second season too.

If you are a fan of the Witcher through the books or Games, you might have pretty much an idea of why it happened.

Many things in the show didn’t follow the same pattern in the books or the games, but the reason Cintra was attacked is a significant plot, so there won’t be substantial changes on that front.

Spoilers Ahead!

I warn you now that you will have serious spoilers of the series once you cross this point. So, refrain from reading if you like to be surprised.

If not, then just read through.


Now, Ciri in the show is Pavetta and Duny‘s daughter, who has been promised to Geralt through the Law of Surprise.

So, thus Geralt becomes a part of destiny that unites him, Ciri, and Yennefer. After a supposed shipwreck, Pavetta and Duny die.

Not Dead!

Well, that’s what we are said. But it is later revealed that Ciri‘s Father Duny is still alive, and he is actually Emhyr Var Emreis, the ruler of Nilfgaard.

And thus, the reason Nilfgaard is after Ciri is explained. Well, he is not after her out of love, that is for sure. And that pervert has some damaged brains that he has a plan on what to do with Ciri when she is found.

The interesting part here is Queen Calanthe is the direct descendant of Lara Dorren Aep Shiadhal, the last full bearer of Elder Blood.

Elder Blood

Lara Dorren

Now, this Elder Blood has not been introduced in the show yet. This is actually a kind of genetic project that the Elven sages have created to create something that could possess things that they could only imagine.

Here the daughter of Lara Dorren was supposed to save the Elven race from a looming apocalypse. But she ended up falling in love with a sorcerer.

Heir to the Throne

Now, it is said that Emhyr wanted Ciri as the heir to his throne. But he didn’t stop there; he wanted her back to marry her and produce an heir who is prophesied to be the ruler of the world.

Since Ciri is the last one with Elder blood, Emhyr has this plan. Also, it is said that Pavetta found out this, and that’s why she sank their ship, trying to kill Duny.

So, that’s why Nilfgaard wants Ciri so bad and will go to any extent to get her.

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