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Most Respected Marines In One Piece

Here is everything you need to know about the most respected marines in One Piece.


An upstanding and principled man, Vice Admiral Momonga was entrusted with the World Government’s most sensitive missions. For example, he personally collected Boa Hancock from Amazon Lily to be present at the Marineford execution.

He posed a significant threat against Whitebeard’s pirates during the battle for the coast and followed orders as necessary. Diligent and trustworthy, Momonga’s ability to do his job has made him a credit to the World Government even if he is not powerful enough to become an admiral.

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Green BullGreen Bull

Green Bull is the latest admiral to serve under the World Government. His Devil Fruit allows him to produce copious amounts of wood and to manipulate nature in unforeseeable ways. Shortly after debuting, Green Bull has made his way to Wano in order to promote his master’s interests there.

As an admiral, he had a reasonable chance of fulfilling their objectives and capitalizing on the country’s instability. However, since little is known about Green Bull and because he did not participate in the Marineford conflict, he cannot be ranked any higher.


Kizaru is the only member of the original three admirals to keep his position, which indicates how invaluable he is to the Marines. Despite his languid and casual mannerisms, he is so valued by the World Government that he is a top choice for the Celestial Dragons themselves.

This was seen during the battle for Sabaody, where he was deployed to detain Luffy after Charloss got attacked. Kizaru has yet to break his undefeated record, surviving clashes with powerhouses like Ben Beckman and even Dark King Rayleigh. If there is a limit to the admiral’s power, it has yet to be discovered.


There are many reasons to respect Sengoku. In addition to being a fleet admiral, he was directly responsible for stopping Blackbeard from massacring everyone at Marineford. Additionally, he was an opponent of Rocks D. Xebec, one of history’s most evil pirates.

However, Sengoku has since retired from the line of duty and only hangs out at naval bases to advise them. As a result, his popularity has declined in favor of more relevant marines who are actively furthering the World Government’s aims.

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Having served the World Government for nearly his entire life, Garp is a beloved credit to the Marines. Fair, lively, and powerful, he often takes the forefront of the Marines’ most hotly contested conflicts. Garp is so well respected that he is able to get away with things that other vice admirals would not.

For example, he openly bandaged the Celestial Dragons and almost attacked Akainu at Marineford. The higher echelons of the World Government put up with Garp’s rambunctiousness since they know they can’t afford to lose him.

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