Most Rewatchable My Hero Academia Episodes

Here is everything you need to know about the most rewatchable My Hero Academia episodes.

Shoto Todoroki: Origin(Season 2, Episode 23)Shoto Todoroki: Origin(Season 2, Episode 23)

There are a lot of intense battles during the U.A. Sports Festival Arc. But none is as life-altering as the fight between Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki. Try as he might, Todoroki can’t get a handle on Midoriya using his Ice Quirk alone and has to resort to using his hated Fire.

However, rather than combating Todoroki, Midoriya encourages him to use his flames. Midoriya’s now famous/infamous quote, “It’s your power, Todoroki!” is the first time Todoroki feels like he could be his own person.

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Red Riot(Season 4, Episode 72)Red Riot(Season 4, Episode 72)

Eijiro Kirishima hasn’t gotten as much attention as he used to in the show. It is why “Red Riot” is the perfect rewatch for fans of the manly hero. This episode not only shows Kirishima at his top performance but also gives audiences a lot of heartbreaking background information.

It is becoming rarer for students other than Bakugo, Midoriya, and Todoroki to stand out. Seeing Kirishima push himself to his limit to help his mentor is one of the most inspiring scenes in My Hero Academia.

Lemillion(Season 4, Episode 74)Lemillion(Season 4, Episode 74)

Mirio Togata is the best student at U.A. High School. Not only has he mastered his Quirk, but he also has the shining spirit of a true hero. Therefore, it was thrilling and devastating to watch Lemillion in one of his first major fights.

Although Lemillioin expertly rescues the little girl, Eri, from Overhaul’s grasp, Lemillion is not as lucky himself. During the battle, Lemillion is hit with a Quirk-erasing dart but still keeps fighting. Even though he has no Quirk at all, Lemillion holds his own against Overhaul and his minions until help arrives.

Let It Flow! School Festival! (Season 4, Episode 86)Let It Flow! School Festival! (Season 4, Episode 86)

After the intensity of the Shie Hassaikai raid, many fans were looking forward to some lighter fare. Thankfully, the creators gave fans a U.A. School Festival just when they needed it. The whole episode is a fluffy, fun story about Mirio taking Eri to see Class 1-A’s stage show.

The episode is so lively not only for its subject but also for Kyoka Jiro’s singing. Her song, “Hero Too” is catchy, uplifting, and an overall great piece of music that fans still listen to.

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Dabi’s Dance(Season 6, Episode 124)Dabi’s Dance(Season 6, Episode 124)

The Todoroki family has always been contentious, but their secrets are laid bare in “Dabi’s Dance.” Full of rage and betrayal, Dabi finally reveals to the world that he is the Pro Hero Endeavor’s son. This episode is so full of revelations and intense emotions that most fans teeter on the edges of their seats.

This episode perfectly shows the chaos that has become the Todorokis. Although Dabi is airing all their dirty laundry. Endeavor can’t help but feel shocked and in awe that the son he thought was dead is actually alive. So many differing feelings permeate this plot point.

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