My Isekai Life Episode 1: Release Date, Where to Watch, and Other Details


From among the list of anime series out this Summer 2022 season, My Isekai Life is definitely something worth checking out! The isekai genre has always had a decent following in the anime community and the popularity of isekai anime shows have been increasing even more in recent years.

So, if you’re an isekai fan, you might want to check this one out. Head down to find out all that we know about My Isekai Life Episode 1.

What is My Isekai Life About?

My Isekai Life: I gained a Second Character Class and Became The Strongest Sage in the World! or just My Isekai Life, in short, is a Japanese light novel series written by Shinkoshoto and illustrated by Huuka Kazabana. There’s also a manga adaptation.

The story centers around an overworked corporate employee, Yuji Sano who stumbles upon a message on his computer summoning him to another world.


My Isekai Life Episode 1

He accidentally accepts the invitation and upon arriving in this fantasy world, he befriends slimes who help him gain so much magical knowledge that he quickly gains a second character class. The series then follows all of Yuji’s many adventures now that he’s the most powerful sage in this new realm.

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Why Should You Watch My Isekai Life?

First, if you’re a fan of the isekai genre, you should definitely check it out. There are a good amount of isekai series coming out, and this one looks to be promising. Fans of the light novel and the manga versions are no doubt hyped about this new anime adaptation.


There are several trailers out now and fans in the anime community are also sold by its stunning animation. Though the story may follow the usual, generic isekai trope, the online reception from anime fans seem great as they are raving about the refreshing webcomic art style which is quite different from the generic art style of other isekai.

My Isekai Life Episode 1

Without giving too much away, plot-wise, people are praising the absence of harem (which is very common in the isekai genre) and the fact that the main protagonist actually behaves like an adventurer and travels from place to place constantly, unlike some other isekai protagonists who are usually limited to one place most times.

My Isekai Life Episode 1 Release Date

My Isekai Life Episode 1 is scheduled to be released on Monday, July 4th, 2022. To kickstart the premiere, the series will be presenting a one-hour special airing of the first two episodes. So, Episode 2 will be released on the same date along with Episode 1.


The episodes will air in Japan on Monday, July 4, at 9 PM JST. Accordingly, the first two episodes should be out in other locations around the following times:

  • Pacific Time: 6:30 AM PT
  • Central Time: 8:30 AM CT
  • Eastern Time: 9:30 AM ET
  • British Time: 2:30 PM BST

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Where to Watch My Isekai Life Online?

You can watch the series on the anime focused streaming platform, HIDIVE. The official account of HIDIVE posted on Twitter that the series will be premiering only on their site.

Most international viewers in English speaking regions outside of Asia will be able to access the series on HIDIVE. The series will unfortunately not be available on Crunchyroll.


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