One Piece Episode 996 Release Date and Spoilers


Like every One Piece episode, the previous episode, One Piece Episode 995, was a rollercoaster of dramatic scenes and unexpected plot twists. Fans of One Piece don’t seem to get tired of watching the same old arc continuing for a handful of episodes. Many of them are tirelessly waiting for the release of One Piece Episode 996.

That’s exactly why we bring you everything you need to know about the latest upcoming episode. 

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One Piece Episode 996 Release Date

One Piece Episode 996 will be getting released on the 24th of October 2021 at 9:30 AM JST. While there’s a gap of two weeks this time, there’s not much to worry about since the Fall 2021 season is finally here. 

Momonosuke and Luffy

One Piece Episode 995 Recap

Here’s everything you need to know about the previous episode:

Kaido commands all the present Samurai who are working under Orochi to either surrender on the spot or get murdered with Orochi at that time. We watch Kaido having emotionally painful flashbacks of Kozuki Oden and Orochi’s men surrendering to Kaido. 

Boss Hyogoro was successful in persuading Momonosuke to work with him for granting protection. Kaido takes control over all the prevailing army and lets the citizens of the Flower Capital to celebrate one last time before he annihilates and destroys it. Big Mom can be seen grinning that Orochi is finally dead with two Emperors on the throne. 

Yamato and Luffy attempt to rescue Momonosuke as he’s the butt of harassment, both verbal and psychological, in the Live Performance Floor. Kaido wonders if he’s really Kozuki Oden’s son since Oden kept his feelings to himself while Momonosuke was a crybaby begging his parents to rescue him. 

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One Piece Episode 996: Kaido

The beast pirates are well aware that he can be saved with a mere lie, which Hyogoro played a huge role in. Through flashbacks, we learn that he got the courage to proclaim himself as Oden’s son with pride from his dad’s teaching.

Prospero reveals his plans to bring down Kaido to Marco. Big Mom becoming the Pirate King means that everyone could lose their lives if they oppose her. 

One Piece Episode 996 Spoilers and Preview

Where To Watch One Piece

We can watch it from Netflix and Crunchyroll. 


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