Overlord Season 4 Episode 12 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Here is everything you need to know about Overlord Season 4 Episode 12.

About: Overlord

Overlord is an ongoing anime based on the light novel series of the same name. It is written by Kugane Maruyama while so-bin serves as its illustrator.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 12

Overlord Season 4 Episode 11: A Quick Recap

Episode 11 of Overlord Season 4 is titled, ‘Well-Prepared Traps.’

In the previous episode, we saw King Ramposa III release his subjects from their positions after learning of his son’s death.

In the meantime, Shalltear evacuates Eight Fingers, Cocco Doll, and other nobles before the destruction of the Re-Estize kingdom.

Moreover, a battle between Albedo and Azuth Aindra takes place which ends up in the latter escaping. Additionally, Ainz also fights with Riku Aganeia in the episode.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 12

Overlord Season 4 Episode 12: What To Expect?

Unfortunately, no spoilers of the upcoming episode are leaked as of now. Nevertheless, now that Ainz has come across his match it would be interesting to see him struggling against his new opponent.

Meanwhile, Cocytus continues to march towards Re-Estize. Hence, many suspect that the kingdom will be annihilated in the upcoming episode.

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Overlord Season 4 Episode 12: Release Date

The twelfth episode of Overlord IV is scheduled to hit the television screens on the 20th of September. It will most likely release around midnight in Japan.

Moreover, it will release globally on the following dates and times:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 7 am
  • Central Daylight Time: 9 am
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 10 am
  • British Summer Time: 2 pm
  • Central European Summer Time: 3 pm
  • Indian Standard Time: 6:30 pm

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Overlord Season 4 Episode 12: Where And How To Watch?

The latest episode of Overlord Season 4 premieres first on the network channel AT-X in Japan.

Consequently, the episode will be available for international viewers with English subtitles on Crunchyroll an hour following its release in Japan.

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