Pokemon 2019 Episode 86 Release Date And Spoilers


The previous episode saw a charged fight between Satoshi and Saito who faced each other off in a third match. This match is to decide who will end up challenging the all-time champion, Dande for the number one spot. While the fight goes on, Satoshi and Lucario’s great teamwork makes Dande praise their bond.

Who will win the showdown? We’ll find out in Pokemon 2019 Episode 86! Meanwhile, if you’re curious about fan speculations and release date, head down below to find out more.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 86 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 85 is scheduled to release on Friday, November 5th, 2021. For now, the title of the episode and preview are not available yet.

Recap of Pokemon 2019 Episode 85

Pokemon 2019 Episode 86


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In Episode 85 of Pokemon 2019, Satoshi faces off with Saito. They have a history that goes back as they have already battled each other where in their first match, Satoshi’s Riolu was not able to defeat Saito’s Otosupus. Their match ends in a tie the second time as Riolu and Otosupus both knock each other out.

Now, the stakes for their third match are so much higher. When Satoshi and Goh visit the arena to prepare for Satoshi’s match, they meet Saito who is training with all her Pokémon. This is when Saito greets Satoshi as ‘trainer of Riolu’ and Satoshi informs her that Riolu has evolved into Lucario, along with all his Pokemons too.

As Saito then asks to train together, her offer is turned down as Corni appears. The surprise is that Corni and Saito turn out to be good friends and so, the four of them spend some time enjoying Corni’s sweets. This peaceful scene is followed by the next day of the match.


The match begins with Saito choosing Otosupus while Satoshi chooses Pikachu. Satoshi first has the upper hand with Pikachu’s Lightning Speed attack against Otosupus. However, after Ostospus struggles for a while, Saito’s Pokemon flips the table around and catches Pikachu which then prompts Satoshi to call out Lucario instead.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 86

Lucario uses shadow clones to surround Otosupus, but it is countered with the Aqua Break move. But the true Lucario manages to appear behind Otosupus and launch an Aura Sphere. Saito then summons back Otosupus and calls forth Luchabull. Lucario and Luchabull are equally matched but Luchabull quickly manages to injure Lucario with God Bird.

However, Lucario still continues to stand, so Saito calls out Kairiky, a super offensive Pokemon. When Lucario begins weakening from Kairiky’s attacks, Satoshi considers using Mega Evolution. But Lucario objects, surprising everyone.


What Can We Expect From Pokemon 2019 Episode 86? 

Pokemon 2019 Episode 86

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In episode 85, we witnessed Satoshi’s attempt to use Lucario’s evolution move, but the Pokemon objects to it. As the current Pokemon World Championship Monarch, Dande observes their match, he makes a remark that such a deep bond is rare between a trainer and their Pokemon as Satoshi was stopped by Lucario because Lucario didn’t want Satoshi to make mistakes.

He predicts that Satoshi will be the winner owing to his rare connection with the Pokemon. Whoever wins though, one thing is certain. So in Episode 86, we may expect this battle to become even more tense and competitive. It will definitely have everyone on the edge of their seats and will certainly not be an easy win.


Where to Watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 86 Online? 

You can watch Episode 86 and the rest of Pokemon 2019 on Netflix and Pokemon TV. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video UK.

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