Sherlock Holmes 3 starring Robert Downey Jr. on Hold For Another Year

Sherlock Holmes 3

The producers of Sherlock Holmes have officially announced the new release date for ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’. Now, instead of its former release date in 2020, the movie is set to release on December 22, 2021. The former date has been given to some other Warner Bros event film.

The exact reason for this happening is yet unknown. Even the cast, including Robert Downey Jr himself, hasn’t exactly told us why this happened. The third part of Sherlock Holmes is said to be the best yet. However, the cast and the audience still haven’t gotten over the 1st part.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Part 1 of the series Sherlock Holmes featured Sherlock and his companion Dr. John Watson. They both were set to solve a mystery coated with the dust of magic and treason. The villain in this movie is Lord Blackwood, a genius and a cruel person. Blackwood’s mission was to expand the British empire, not for the sake of peace, but for war.

Even though his coming back from the dead part turned out to be a lousy trick, the rumor of his return had gone far from reach. Blackwood’s commands were as clear as “Worship me or die” and that’s what he did. Whoever would go against him, would kill him in such a way that would glorify his powers.

Meanwhile, Sherlock and Watson looked to find scientific evidence of how Blackwood doesn’t have powers but simply knows science like no other. The film ended with a huge turn of events with Blackwood’s Empire crashing, revealing his fake claims, and with Blackwood finally dead for good this time.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The second part featured Professor Moriarty as the genius villain. Once again Sherlock and Watson had to face a psychotic genius set out on a killing spree. The film received mixed reviews yet still managed to pull off some killer scenes.

Some viewers said “The train scene is what holds specialty” Others believe the movie could’ve had more to it. Professor Moriarty didn’t just want to conquer the world but also kill Sherlock Holmes. He tried exclusively on how to hurt Sherlock and the ones he loves, but couldn’t do so. At the end of the movie, Sherlock and Moriaty meet face to face and that is when Moriaty realizes that Sherlock is still alive.

The film’s climax is what took the audience’s breath away, with both Moriarty and Sherlock dead. However, in the ending, Sherlock can be seen alive and ready for another case.

We cannot be sure what will happen in the 3rd part until the directors release the trailer we’re all waiting for. Perhaps there will be someone who finally outsmarts the great Sherlock Holmes or perhaps there will be something else.  Even though the movie will be released a decade later, fans are still, we can surely expect that it will turn out to be something worth the wait.

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