Spider-Man Fans Freaking Out Over The Video of Real Life Venom Symbiote

If you’ve recently logged into Twitter and saw that Venom is trending, we’ve got some bad news for you.

There is nothing online about the sequel to the highly anticipated Venom film at this time. There is no Trailer Drop or First Look photo to find. This sudden trend has nothing to do with the Tom Hardy movie franchise. A video of an unknown substance has been floating around online, and people think it’s a real-life symbiote.

Okay, so there’s a good chance that no one actually believes the substance is an alien symbiote, but that’s what folks are claiming it is. The video of the content was posted to Twitter on Thursday, along with the question “Anybody knows what this is?”


As you can see, the object/creature in the video looks and acts like a fictional alien symbiote from the pages of Marvel Comics. It looks like a black pile, it is continuously moving, and when the person who is shooting the video pulls some of it back out.

Some people claim it is a bootlace worm, which is often found in this kind of pile. There’s also a decent chance that the video isn’t real at all, that it’s instead some sort of special effect designed to freak people out and go viral. Both of these options are obviously more realistic than this thing being a real-life symbiote, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from freaking out about it.

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