10 Unused X-Men Villains Phase 4 Of MCU Could Introduce

A List Of The Unused X Men Villains:

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With The New Mutants, we will not only get to meet the mutants finally but could also see new and unused X-Men Villains. However, we still don’t know when we’ll actually get that first MCU X-Men movie. Regardless, we can speculate on which heroes might be rebooted to make their first appearance in the MCU. Additionally, there are quite a few unused X-Men Villains who Disney/Marvel could utilize.

Read on below to see how MCU could incorporate these unused, powerful villains into the upcoming films.

10) Cyber Is Amongst The Most Powerful Yet Unused X-Men Villains:

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Silas Burr is an artificially enhanced mutant. He is known for his super-strength and can also track individual brainwaves. Moreover, the skin on his body, except his face, is bound to adamantium. Surprising, right? It is the same metal that coats Wolverine’s claws and skeletons. In saying so, this could mean that the MCU could introduce a new metal as well as mutants. Additionally, since claws are included when you get an adamantium upgrade, Cyber might have them too. Therefore, his claws have toxins as well.

Cyber’s backstory goes back to World War I. If Feige decides to cannon-correct as if mutants have always been in the MCU, the story of Cyber could start there. Moreover, Marvel could do some foreshadowing activity around Wolverine’s introduction. Alternatively, the MCU could start with a story-line that has the scientist who discovers adamantium in the present-day. Subsequently, it could show that the shady experiments that go into creating characters such as Cyber, Sabertooth, Lady Deathstrike, and Wolverine as well.

Cyber will be MCU’s alternative to Sabertooth, in addition to being a foil for Logan.


9. Another One Of The Villains In X-Men Includes Omega Red:

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Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich is a Russian serial killer. Known as Omega Red, he was once captured by KGB. Subsequently, the KGB used him in experiments to try to re-create Captain America. He also has all the classic mutant abilities such as enhanced strength, speed, agility, and endurance. The KGB subjected him to experiments where retractable, tentacle-like weapons were inserted into his arms. These were made of a different new metal called “carbonadium”.

There is a great chance that the groundwork for this villain is already in the works. This is especially true if we pay heed to the rumors about the upcoming Black Widow movie. In the comics, Omega Red has ties to the “Red Room” that will be featured in Widow’s origin.

Omega Red does have chances of future appearances in Black Widow as well as Falcon & The Winter Soldier. Moreover, he has already been hinted at in Deadpool 2.


8. The Brood Is Also One Of The Unused X-Men Villains Who Could Be Introduced In Future:

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The Brood are creepy, parasitic and giant alien insects. Therefore, if MCU chooses to introduce them, we might soon have another horror mutant movie after The New Mutants.

Basically, the Brood have a natural Armor from their exoskeletons. Add to that mouths filled with big fangs, and you have a gory villain. Want to know more? They reproduce via eggs inside their hosts!

The MCU has already made the giant leap into space, so discovering new alien races is just a matter of time and quite natural. The Brood has obvious similarities to Aliens. So, Marvel could definitely go the route of sending a “space force” of new Marvel mutants up to counter the threat.

7. Sauron Is Another Unusual Villains In The X-Men:

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Dr. Karl Lycos was bitten by mutant pterodactyls. Let us go back a bit. Sauron belongs to the Savage Land. In Marvel Comics, this is a hidden pre-historic area. While tropical in climate, it actually resides where no one can find it in Antarctica.

Lycos started as a normal human who was bitten in his youth while exploring with his father who worked there as a guide. After the encounter, he developed a need to absorb people’s energy. And so, he fled back to the Savage Land, where it was easier for him to live life as a dino-human hybrid with superpowers.

To think of it, this is one of the weirder and least likely choices of a villain in the MCU. However, it could still work if Kevin Feige decides to pair the unearthing of the Savage Land with the discovery of Atlantis. In this case, Dr. Lycos could just be shown in his human form as an associate of Professor Xavier. They could even hint at his eventual heel-turn. We might also go deeper into his transformation.


6. Fabian Cortez Is Amongst The Most Cruel X-Men Villains Who Is Still Unused:

Fabian Cortez is a mutant who can enhance other mutants. Additionally, he can also push his mutant abilities way too far. Cortez is known for being the leader/organizer of the villainous group “The Acolytes” who believe in the teachings of Magneto.

Involving Cortez along with the Acolytes while introducing X-Men into their universe gives Marvel an opportunity to tease Cortez’s appearance. Moreover, this way, Marvel could also build up some drama around the character.

In saying so, if the MCU tries to introduce the idea of mutants as something relatively newer, we would see a world where normal people are starting to gain powers. And while they do so, they also start getting frightened of themselves. This feeling of persecution will make them turn to someone for guidance. And this is where Marvel could bring in Fabian Cortez.

5) Graydon Creed, The Normal Human X-Men Villain:

He is the normal, non-powered human son of Mystique and Sabretooth. Grayson Creed was given up for adoption. So, later on in life, when he realizes that he is the offspring of two mutants, he gets pretty upset. And it is his resentment which enables him to establish the “Friends of Humanity” group. This is a group that opposes mutant rights and terrorizes the weaker ones while exposing the violent acts of those such as Magneto.

A sometimes activist, politician, and even president of the United States in one story-line, Creed does everything humanly possible to persecute mutants.

The original X-Men (2000) used Senator Robert Kelly as the anti-mutant politician. In a similar yet different way, the MCU could substitute Creed as the normal human causing all the issues with mutants trying to just live their lives.

However, he would not be the only villain in the story. This is especially because he will have no powers to use in that important 3rd-act battle. However, he could actually become the X-Men version of Lex Luther in the MCU.


4. The List Of Unused X-Men Villains Also Includes Stryfe:

In very simple words, Stryfe is the clone of Cable. In saying so, both their storylines are complicated. However, Stryfe is a mutant who possesses psionic abilities. He was created when Cable was brought to the future after being infected with a techno-virus. Subsequently, Stryfe was stolen and raised by Apocalypse. Additionally, because he was never infected with the virus-like Cable, Stryfe has greater control over his powers.

Stryfe could make an entry into the MCU with Deadpool. As of now, we still have to find out how much of Deadpool’s universe becomes a part of MCU’s continuity. However, Feige could decide to get totally crazy and dive fully into the Summers-Grey storylines. This way, he could expand on Cable’s origins and all of its complications. Also, there could be a hint at the coming of Apocalypse for a later movie, while showing all the time-travel, clones, siblings, offspring, and relationships, etc.

3. Vulcan Is Probably The Most Known Of All Unused Villains In X-Men:

Vulcan or Gabriel Summers is a mutant with the ability to control, alter and consume large amounts of energy. He can not just fly, but also survive in space. And while he can be physically harmed, he is an Omega-level mutant.

Also, he is related to the Summers-Grey complications. Vulcan is older, but technically, he is the youngest brother of Cyclops and Havok. He was saved as an unborn infant by a member of the Shi’ar Empire, placed in an accelerated-growth incubation chamber and then sent to Earth.

We never saw the Shi’ar used in any of the Fox franchise, so this is another opportunity for the MCU version of X-Men to be unique. The Shi’ar could be introduced as a new alien race in the next Captain Marvel or Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Marvel could then establish their place in an X-Men story-line at par with Vulcan’s origin.

2. X-cautioner Is Yet Another Dangerous Villain Who Could Debut In The MCU In Future:

Carl Denti is a former FBI agent. He has no powers. However, he utilizes multiple forms of technology to fight the mutants. And we may think his cause is just and reasonable. But, X-cutioner will stop at nothing short of murdering any mutant that has killed a normal human. He will also take out anyone who gets in his way of doing so.

We already know how the S.H.I.E.L.D. stores weapons and technology from the various enemies in the MCU. This is also evident when Tony Stark and Steve Rogers figure it out in Avengers. The difference here is that we will have FBI Agent Carl Denti investigating murders that are suspected to have a connection to the rise of the “mutant phenomenon” that has been emerging since “the blip”.

1. Mr. Sinister Is Probably The Most Powerful Of All X-Men Villains:

Nathaniel Essex is not technically a mutant. He has, however, genetically altered himself to have mutant abilities. He has not only become a telepath but has also figured out how to live longer. Additionally, he can also become a shape-shifter, in addition to having teleporting abilities. It is possible that he has been alive since the 1800’s. Moreover, throughout the comics and cartoons, and even in the Fox franchise, there have been hints that he is a shadowy figure.

Mr. Sinister is exactly who the MCU should introduce and eventually unleash in their universe. He played a part in messing with the Summer-Grey family, has worked with Apocalypse, and had a hand in the weapon-x program as well.

Disney-Marvel has two choices in their hands. Either mutants are a new thing or they have been around and Marvel just hasn’t mentioned them yet. Sinister fits in both possibilities. He can be shown in his origin in the 1800s. Marvel might show him working with Charles Darwin and subsequently discovering the evolution of mutants. He can also be inserted in the continuity of previous MCU titles, similar to how Hydra was absorbed in later.

Using Sinister can also set up origins for other X-Men characters. Alternatively, the MCU could decide that mutants are a new thing. It could show them as something causing changes in random humans after all the energy involved in “the blip”. We know that Essex is a scientist and businessman with a special interest in these powerful beings. We also know that he is looking for a way to study and eventually harness these powers for himself.

In saying so, Deadpool 2 did have a Mr. Sinister’s reference with The Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation.


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