The Devil All The Time Comes To Netflix On 16th September


The Devil All The Time is coming to Netflix tomorrow, i.e., 16th Sep, and we are so excited but, at the same time, petrified. If you saw the trailer, you would know precisely why I said that.




The movie is an adaptation of the Novel by Donald Ray Pollock. Which stars Batman, Spider-man, and Winter Soldier produced by Mysterio. Lol, different universe. The film has a star-studded cast. Tom Holland plays the son of a disturbed war veteran, and Robert plays a psychotic preacher’s role. Sebastian Stan plays the role of a perverse and dirty cop.

Psychotic Thriller

If you have read the Novel, I know you wouldn’t have slept for days, but imagine having them come in real through a movie. Even though the trailer gave us goosebumps and, at the same time, made us clutch our toes, we should definitely watch it for the sake of our superheroes. Well, none of them are playing a positive role, but still, it would be fun to see them unleash the dark psychotic side of them.

Demons come to play

Tom plays a positive role, but it is not always bright and sunny. In a way to protect his future and to not let the past ruin his present, Tom Holland goes to great lengths to handle the demons at play and protect his loved ones. The movie has a Christian touch with Angels, monsters, and the pastors being involved. The film takes place in a remote town.

Critical reviews

The movie was released in theatres on 11th Sep and is digitally releasing tomorrow, the 16th, on Netflix. The film has been getting mixed reviews, but Pattinson and Holland’s acting has been praised. It will definitely be weird to see another utterly different acting of Holland. He was always seen as the friendly neighborhood spider-man.

Holland’s best performance


If you are a thriller fan, then it’s a must-watch. Critics claim that Holland’s effort has been let down by the film’s lack of narrative focus. I ain’t no critic, but I will definitely ask my friends to watch. Since now we don’t have any Marvel movie coming soon, it would definitely be a consolation to watch the actors play a different role but at least are in together.

Pattinson, the next batman in the DC extended universe, has been tested positive with the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. Holland is busy with his shooting for Sony’s Uncharted.

Let the begging begin.

Join us here after you watch the movie on Netflix tomorrow and let us know what you think. Those of you who don’t have a Netflix account, do what I do, beg and roll and through whatever tantrum you can and get that damn password!

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