The Most Searched Avengers Characters On PornHub

Avengers assembled for the last time on the big screen this week.

Endgame is a neatly orchestrated, smartly packaged and powerfully rendered culmination of 11 years of hard work. It marks the end of this era of the MCU. The movie has a committed fan base among those that have grown up on it.

Heck! Marvel Fans on PORNHUB

Excitement among fans for Endgame can be seen in cinemas and at ticket counters. The cheers among fans are so high that they are looking it on Pornhub. It seems if fans are irresistible to watch Thanos killed.

Fans of the superheroes are also fantasizing about those buff and beloved characters in compromising positions.

According to adult video sharing website Pornhub, there has been a Thanos-sized surge — 2,912% to be precise — in the number of searches with hopes of seeing the Avengers assemble. The website only reported a 356% spike in Marvel-related searches when Avengers: Infinity War dropped midway through last year.

Pornhub started charting the Avengers-specific porn searches on April 5 and the number of queries remained constant leading up to the days of the release of Endgame.

The numbers began to rise to the occasion on April 16, with the average number of searches surging a whopping 1,779% on April 18. The next day, the average number of searches peaked at 2,912%. About two million more searches resulted over the period of a week. The numbers climaxed by April 22.

Most loved Marvel Characters of fans on PORNHUB

Here we look at some beloved characters of fans who just creep…

  • Thanks to the recent release of Captain Marvel, the character focus has also changed. Captain Marvel is the most popular Avenger on the site, according to Pornhub. The super-charged blond ranked won hand over fist.
  • Black Widow is the second most searched female character out of the MCU. Till the release of Captain Marvel, she topped the rank but failed to secure the position after that. With her ability to manipulate the situation to her whim and her incredible agility, she would bring a dominant and adventurous side to the evening.
  • Another hot searched woman of Marvel movies is Scarlet Witch. Her Mind Stone based powers would allow her to make any environment fit the mood, and could make every experience of “where the magic happens” a life-altering one.
  • Coming to Gentlemens, Captain America is the number one searched male character. The Super Soldier with a chiseled body is the definition of “hunky good guy”. With nearly endless endurance and incredible strength, he would make love like never before.
  • Spider-Man is the most requested man perhaps buoyed by the youthful charms of Tom Holland. His quickness and butter moves attract fans.
  • God of Thunder, Thor possesses godlike strength and storm powers, to the most intense and dramatic sexual experience of your life.
  • Man, the billionaire playboy lives up to his hype. With his incredible intelligence, he knows exactly what he’s doing. However, his arrogance and narcissism would keep it all about him.
  • Hulk, the purest mixture of aggression and passion would definitely bring a rough but unforgettable experience to your bedroom. That is if he doesn’t break you or your bed.

Thankfully the list does not include Thanos at all.

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