The Witcher: Henry Cavill’s Dedication Towards The Show Is Mind-blowing!


When an actor is cast to play a role, he becomes one with the character and brings it to life on screen.

While the fans see the actor on screen, they should see the actor as the character rather than the actor himself. That’s how good a real actor delivers.

Action movies Requirement

From action movies/shows to sci-fi stuff, every role is far more critical. The more the actor puts in efforts to deliver, the more he is loved by the fans and the more praises he gets.

Movies and shows now have a different base of a cult following. Fans love to geek over every small fact or tip about it. They indulge in fanfic, fanart, speculating theories, signing petitions, and a lot more than just go to the theatre and watch the movie.


This kind of thing has made the actors of any big franchise or big studios take their role more seriously and have made them hardworking. While along with a big cheque, they will be cashing, acting a massive project like the Witcher and everything, they get a strong fan base.

Superman to The Witcher


Henry Cavill is not a stranger to the fan base or huge cult following. With his role as Superman, he has gained worldwide fame and recognition. But he didn’t stop there.

Henry Cavill took on another role that had the same level of reach, and he didn’t just take it for namesake but did everything he could to bring the character to life.


The Witcher star has gone beyond normal means to make sure everything about Geralt of Rivia is according to books and video games. Not only did he become puffed up and wore a wig, but he also did everything he can to study about Geralt.

First a fan, then an actor!

If you ask Cavill, he will know more about the character and the history behind every scar and every possession of Geralt than any fan.

Cavill said that he went through a lot of work with the stunt team and practiced between shots to make the fight scenes in the series as perfect as possible.

“I think it’s best represented in the Blaviken fight, where I got to work with Wolfgang Stegemann and team” Cavill.


The character of Geralt

credits: Netflix

Geralt had several fight scenes, and the best would be the one in the Blaviken market.  Cavill thinks that the fight scene showed another side of Geralt and conveyed a piece of more prominent information about Geralt even without him opening his mouth.

“Geralt’s on the defensive with a couple of moves to try and put Renfri on the back foot, and she doesn’t listen, and she keeps on pressing the attack. Eventually, you see the point when Geralt realizes that Renfri won’t stop, that he will die because she is quick enough. So, he presses the attack. The story of who he is as a character is told so physically there,”

Cavill had put in a lot of work for the first season, even before knowing how big it would be. Now, with the second season being one of the most expected, we know he will give nothing but his best.



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