The Witcher: Jason Momoa Might Not Play The Lead In The Prequel


Jason Momoa, who has been wildly speculated by The Witcher fans to be cast as the lead in the Blood Origin, might not play the role after all.

The Elven Lead

It was confirmed by many fans and magazines that there is a high probability of Jason Momoa playing the role of Fjall or the first Witcher. But with recent reports, there are chances that it’s not possible.

The super-busy actor is already scheduled to film Slumberland from February to June for Netflix. Whereas the Blood Origin is set to begin shooting this April.which will collide with each other if the star is set to work in both the projects.


Netflix to find a way?

There are chances that Netflix will find a way to get the actor to work between the projects since Netflix produces them. We would have to wait for an official statement from the streaming platform or from the actor to know what’s final.

With Jason himself teasing fans by posting fan art of himself and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher costume, let’s just hope that we didn’t get hyped up for nothing.

The Witcher| Netflix

Even if Momoa can clear his schedule and work in Blood Origin, we have no idea what role he will play. At first, the GOT star was rumored to be playing the first-ever Witcher. But later rumors suggested that he will play Fjall, the Elven lead in the series.

The plot of Blood Origin

According to what we could comprehend, their series will revolve around two characters: Éile and the other one is Fjall. We know more about Éile since now Jodie Turner-Smith has been cast into the role.


To those who haven’t come across it yet, Éile is an elite warrior sworn to protect her Queen who eventually abandons everything and goes on a journey to pursue her passion for singing. Needless to say; she has a voice of a goddess.

With a sudden change of events, Éile is made to return back to relying on her sword. It is highly speculated that the series will revolve around Éile and another Elven Fjall.

The prequel to the Witcher series is set 1200 years before the Witcher’s current timeline. It is set to address the Conjunction of Spheres, Witchers creation, Elven downfall, and so much more.

The six-part live-action series has no release day as of yet. Fans would have to wait till April to know confirmed reports from the set.


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