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The Witcher: Blood Origin Begins Casting


The prequel of the mega-hit Netflix show, The Witcher, has begun casting, and the first report we got was the casting of Jodie Turner-Smith.

Live-Action Prequel

The prequel, which is scheduled to begin shooting this summer, is set 1200 years before the Witcher timeline’s current happenings. The show will address the conjunction of the spheres, the Witchers origin, and the dark mages back in the time.

With a lot to expect from the prequel, casting news has been making the rounds for some time now. But we never got any confirmed casting news up until now.



Elite Warrior

Jodie Turner of Netflix’s Nightflyers fame has been cast as Éile, an elite warrior. According to what we know, it is said that Éile is an elite warrior who is the guardian of the Queen.

But she leaves all that behind and goes to pursue her passion for singing. As usual, like every other warrior or superhero that tries to retire, she is pulled back into taking up her sword once again after a great reckoning in the continent.

Andrzej Sapkowski, the Witcher books writer, will serve as a creative consultant in the show. The series is set to be a six-part limited series, which will give a more in-depth backstory to everything that we have seen in the Witcher until now.

Dark and Greedy Mages

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There have been reports that the prequel will address the story behind the Witchers creation and the Dark and greedy mages of the time. The books don’t provide a much deeper story about the prequel, so the writers, along with Andrzej, will have a lot of writing to do.

There have been heavy rumors surrounding the fact that Jason Momoa being cast as the Elven lead, but nothing has been confirmed officially. But the actor did like to tease the fans.

Jason Momoa took to his social media account to share his and Henry Cavill‘s fan art in the Witcher costume. This gave fans the idea that the deal is done, and Momoa is just teasing us until he announces it officially.

Either way, we would love us a lot more of Jason Momoa! With the first official casting news of the Blood Origin being out, we can expect a lot more to be following because if they are on schedule, then the shoot must begin with three to four months.


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