The Witcher Season 2 BTS Video Confirms Release Date!

The Witcher season 2 filming has come to an end, and the new BTS video released by Netflix shows that the series will be released by 2021.

Good News To Witcher Fans

Fans had this theory that the show will be releasing its second season by this year’s end, and even the showrunner, Lauren Hissrich, confirmed it on Reddit.

But with all the delays and everything, some were confused about whether the Witcher will keep up its release date. But the new BTS video from Netflix confirms that the show will release the second season by 2021.

That means that we will be getting the Nightmare of the Wolf anime movie anytime now because that is supposed to set up Vesemir for his debut in the show.

Not the only Good News for Witcher fans?

A lot was revealed in the BTS video, and fans have been watching it, again and again, to see if they have more Easter eggs or something.

But there is probably one Easter egg which everyone would’ve noticed, and that would be Lauren telling the season will explore Blood Of Elves and beyond.

We know many new characters will be introduced in the second season, and according to Hissrich, the season will explore more.

The Witcher Season 2: First Scene Revealed By Netflix

The Turmoil of Filming Second Season

According to the BTS video, the crew filmed for 158 days over the span of one and half years. Lauren even goes on to say that three units were filming at times to keep up with the schedule.

The video starts with Henry Cavill giving his warm farewell speech to the crew and heading out. Some season shots are shown where most of them are either dark, cold forest or gloomy green land.

We also get a good look at Anya Chalotra‘s Yennefer and Freya Allan‘s Ciri. Even though they are not full-length shots, we get to see them both.

Ciri has grown up and looks as snowy as she could be, and to be honest, she is turning perfectly into the daughter of the White Wolf by looks.

Now that we know the shooting is over and nothing can put any more hindrance on the Witcher’s way, all we need to do now is, keep looking for clues as to when it will release.

While many predict it would be December like the first season, others predict it would be a little earlier.





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