The Witcher Gets New Opening Credits


Beautiful long hair, broad shoulder, strong muscles, carries a sword in his back, keeps ending up in fights everywhere he goes, other than Geralt of Rivia, the 90s kids will also think of Hercules when they hear the description we just now gave.


Hercules or Geralt?

But thanks to our friends at Nerdist, who pointed out this uncanny resemblance of the 90s superhero to our now famous Witcher. The Nerdist has created a video of the Witcher season one’s opening credits, with just a little twist.

With the video quality reduced and with a different color tone added, with more significant and bold wordings, and finally with the deep voice over, a new remix video has been released by Nerdist.


The good old 90s


While this video makes us nostalgic about our favorite 90s sitcom, it also looks and sounds hilarious. Oh, the good old days of watching a series like this with your siblings while your mom is nagging you to start doing your homework.

Hercules and Geralt have a lot in common. Still, to be honest, Hercules seemed to enjoy life better than Geralt and went on adventures for fun and made sure to enjoy his adventures. Whereas, sometimes, Geralt looks like he is on an adventure just because he is trying to avoid reality or while he is in need of money (generation gap?).


Sword fights and long hair

image: Netflix

Well, Hercules didn’t get girls this beautiful fall in love with him and probably used less swear words, so that’s that. Like our friends at the Nerdist said, ‘Sword fights look better with long hair,’ so we ain’t complaining about the hair.

But Hercules ran for four years with 111 episodes and had many successful spin-offs, while Witcher is just now starting out and had only eight episodes in the first season. Netflix is also known for canceling the original shows after it reaches 50 episodes.


Will it cross seven seasons?


But the showrunner, Lauren S Hissrich, has previously said that she will be ready to write from a minimum of seven seasons to 20 seasons if there is content to write while staying true to the original work.

So, let’s just hope that this becomes a GOT replacement for many and Hercules replacement for some of us who still like the long-haired hero. Man, when will the second season come? I have lost patience even though I know it’s been just one year since the first season was released.

Let us know in the comments what other sitcoms and heroes come to mind when you watch The Witcher.

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