Will Ciri Become The First Female Witcher?

Ciri as Witcher

Fans of the Witcher franchise have been wondering as to why there have been no Female Witchers in it, and will Ciri be the one fulfilling that?

Why are there no female Witchers?

The show fans are not quite fully introduced to the Witcher world, but the fact that no female Witcher is around is known to even them.

The book fans and other adaptation fans have been arguing over this, calling the Witcher writer a sexist who didn’t think a woman will be strong enough to play a Witcher.

But we don’t think that’s the reason why there are no female Witchers.



The Witcher Process

If you already know that there are no female Witchers, then you probably know about the process of creating a Witcher.

Well, the process is too harsh. The experiments were actually stopped; that’s one of the reasons why Witchers are less in number now.

The trainees are subjected to intense alchemical processes, mutagenic compounds, and intense physical and magical training.


As a result of all these, the trainees go through many mutations that give them strength, speed, endurance, and more and leave them sterile.

For a trainee to become a Witcher, he or she has to go through the Trials, a series of tests that transform the trainee’s organism through secret herbs, infusions, and more.

The first one will be the Trial of the Grasses, a week-long, excruciatingly painful test that requires the absorption of unique virus cultures and alchemical ingredients to modify the subject’s physiology.

Some female trainees have also tried this method but didn’t survive it as it is designed to suit the male body condition.


Will Ciri Become a Witcher?

If she does, it will be badass. We don’t know if they will have time to put her through the trials. Also, the trials are no longer conducted due to the lack of humanity in them.

So, she won’t be put through a trial, but she will become a Witcher as Geralt and Vesemir will train her in everything she has to know.

If you already didn’t know, let us remind you this, even if she is put through the trial, she will survive it. After all, she has the Elder Blood in her.



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