What if…? New episode, New Possibilities


We all were waiting for the 2nd episode of Marvel’s new series “What if…?”. The 1st episode gave us a question to ponder ‘what if Peggy Carter was the one to get the Super Soldier Serum’. This question was also answered because after she wields the shield the history turns out to be different. Steve Rogers became Iron Man, Bucky will not be the winter soldier and someone else will now be the keeper of Soul Stone.

A new direction

Today we consider another possibility “what if T’Challa the prince of Wakanda was the Star-lord”. After watching the 2nd episode the viewers might be left reminiscing about the Guardians of the Galaxy part 1 and even Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa.


Like the previous episode, we see that single-minute action can lead to a chain of multiple events. Here too we saw that Star-lord was not Peter Quill so now what he will become depends on his father ‘EGO’ whom we saw in the climax of the episode. Maybe he is as evil as his father or he is as good as the Peter Quill we know.

Revelations in the episode

The episode revealed a lot of things. The most important one is that Thanos is not evil now thanks to the new Star-lord. He showed the mad Titan ways to reallocate nature’s resources. Though he still thinks, his ways of genocide are more efficient and better. Titan gets a new name too “captain genocide” given by the pursuer. Korath the pursuer is a fan of T’Challa for saving planets in the galaxy. The new ravagers are Yondu, Nebula, Thanos, Kraglin, Taserface, Korath, and of course T’Challa. Drax the Destroyer is now a bartender at the Ravagers horde.

With Thanos not the kingpin of the underworld, Tanaleer Tivan took over that throne. Yes, Tanaleer Tivan who seemed harmless in GOGS-1 is now the new devil ravaging. He has Proxima Midnight, Black Dwarf a.k.a Cull Obsidian, and Corvus Glaive as his security heads. Howard the Duck also makes an appearance. Ebony Maw is also working with Tivan. The Collector’s favorite servant Carine is there for a small part.

Heart of the Matter

This time Ravagers are looking for the ‘EMBER OF GENESIS’ which is capable of feeding the trillions on millions of planets. There faced multiple problems while retrieving the lifeline, but they complete the task successfully.

Towards the end, 2 families reunite. T’Challa goes to Wakanda and Ego meets his son Peter who works as a janitor at a café.

This week’s episode makes us think

  1. Who will be the new Black Panther? Will it be Shuri or Kill Monger.
  2. What if… Thanos’ inhuman child Thane turns against the world? Who will protect us?
  3. What if… Peter Quill turns evil and goes against the universe?

But these are stories for another what if…?


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