Tokyo Revengers Episode 14: Is Kisaki Tetta A Threat To Takemichi’s Plans?

Kisaki Tetta

Kisaki Tetta’s name was mentioned in the previous episode, Tokyo Revengers Episode 13, quite a few times. Sendo Atsushi mentions that he ran his car into Hinata’s car because he was terribly afraid of Kisaki. Drake also mentions that he wishes to murder Kisaki if he had the chance. 

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However, his face is never revealed nor his intention for murdering Hinata Tachibana. But it’s easy enough to get the idea that Kisaki is playing the strings behind the scenes and causing Hinata’s death. Takemichi too jumps in on the idea and decides to go back to the past again to prevent Kisaki from rising through the ranks of Toman. 

Takemichi has to infiltrate the ranks of Toman and prevent Kisaki from becoming the leader of Toman. However, in Tokyo Revengers Episode 14, he meets with some obstacles to his plans. Let’s see if his plans will be successful or not. 

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Kisaki Tetta Becomes The New 3rd Division Captain

Kisaki Tetta is appointed the new head of the 3rd division, a decision which many gang members openly oppose. He’s also not liked because he defected from Moebius, a rival gang. When Takemichi first meets him, he knows that he’s met him but can’t put a finger on where he’s met him.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14
Left: Kisaki Tetta

When he realizes that it’s the dreaded Kisaki Tetta responsible for Hinata’s death in the previous timeline, he realizes the urgent need to stop this. Towards the end of the ceremony, he’s unable to control himself and violently punches Kisaki in the face.

This decision doesn’t go well with Toman’s founding members, who are almost about to bash him up. Meanwhile, Baji Keisuke abruptly arrives at the scene and starts beating up Takemichi, though he’s stopped soon enough by one founding member. 

Due to some impending internal conflict, Baji Keisuke announces his resignation from Toman and proclaims himself as an enemy of Toman. He leaves to join Valhalla while the others look on helplessly. 

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14: Baji announces his resignation from Toman
Baji announces his resignation from Toman

Takemichi Pleads With Mikey To Remove Kisaki

After the whole commotion gets over, Takemichi goes to Mikey and asks him to remove Mikey from the group. Mikey calmly agrees with it with a smile but sets a condition. He agrees with him that Kisaki is cunning and crafty. However, he says that Kisaki has the strength and intelligence that Toman desperately needs in its battle against Valhalla.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14

He orders Takemichi to bring back Baji Keisuke from Valhalla before the battle with Valhalla starts. If he succeeds, Kisaki will be removed. Or else, Takemichi himself will be murdered in cold blood. 

Implications of Baji Keisuke’s Defection On Takemichi’s Plans To Save Hinata

Baji Keisuke seems to have defected because of some mysterious guy with a tattoo on his neck. Takemichi finds a discarded photo of the five founding members with one unidentified member. Does this guy work with Valhalla and will he play a role in Takemichi’s mission to convince Baji to come back to Toman?

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14: The Myserious Man With a Tattoo On His Neck
The Myserious Man With a Tattoo On His Neck

Ultimately, will he hold the key to Takemichi’s mission to save Hinata by obstructing Kisaki’s ulterior plans? Only time will tell!

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 will be aired on the 17th of July 2021 (in some places, 18th due to different time zones) Each episode is getting aired after a gap of seven days. 

Where To Watch Tokyo Revengers Episode 15

As of now, the only legal avenue to watch Tokyo Revengers is Crunchyroll.

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