Top 10 Questions in Marvel Movies That Are Still Unanswered

Even though Marvel is known for covering all the grounds and creating plotlines way before the incident took place, they sometimes manage to confuse the fans and make them wonder, ‘How is that possible?’

Now given that the Sci-fi world has no limitations, according to the laws put forth by the movies in their own created fantasy universe, the film sometimes fails to keep those up too!

So here are some top unanswered questions lingering in the minds of Marvel fans.




The question which started to trouble us when we watched Black Panther is, who on Earth is living in the fake Wakanda? Now that the actual Wakanda itself is opened to the public in Infinity War, there is still this line from Ulysses that lingers in our mind.

So either they are people who live there not knowing they live in a fake Wakanda, or it’s some kind of military tactic where they create illusions to show the world that Wakanda is this poor and overpopulated country, so no one comes in search of the actual Wakanda. It can only be that, or maybe some volunteers from actual Wakanda live there as part of doing their share for the prosperous Country they come from.


Howard Stark


You come into contact with the most robust metal and limited metal on Earth (well, that’s what they thought back then), why would you make a frisbee out of it?

I mean, we get it, it was a shield to protect, but still….they could’ve done something else with it, don’t you think?




S.H.I.E.L.D., by fidgeting around with Tesseract, not only did they invite Loki to Earth, but it also sent a big announcement to the far wide Universe that the Earth is ready to fight on such a higher level.

The worst part is that they didn’t get much use of it even after having it for decades. They made some weapons, yes, but other than some scenes in Avengers, it wasn’t used anywhere! So, why do it?


Mind Stone


At first, Thanos was the one who weaponized an otherwise just tricks and talks Loki with a weapon like the glowing stick of destiny.

Later, the purple bastard is out searching for the same weapon and kills Vision in the name of retrieving it. Now, if he is searching for the infinity stones, then why would he give one to Loki and ask him to play King and people?




Given that Loki used the mind stone power to make everyone his squad of flying monkeys, he didn’t do it with Captain America.

Given that he has a heart and the fight scene would’ve gotten over pretty soon, why didn’t he? Yeah yeah, we know he wanted to be captured and all, so he kept quiet; still, if he had used it, it would’ve made his work easier, don’t you think?


Peter Parker


Why would Tony Stark give a teenage superhero E.D.I.T.H. which basically can do anything? I mean, yeah, we know Tony is crazy and all, and Peter Parker is a genius and way smarter than anyone else in MCU right now expect maybe Shuri.

Still, will you give someone this big a responsibility at an early age? Maybe he could’ve asked Happy to give to him when he turned 23 or something?




So you are telling me that the legendary Flerken/Cat/ Goose was never mentioned or shown after that?

I mean, it is a powerful alien that had the might to swallow something as powerful and formidable as the Tesseract. So, is it alive or dead, or where did it go?




Given the seriousness of what all people could make with space technology, don’t you think Tony, SHIELD, and The FBI agents involved in cleaning the city after Loki’s attack would’ve been careful?

I mean, what was Doctor Strange doing then? Isn’t this a threat too? Leave him; how did Vulture sneak them away, work on it, sell it, and still not get into the Avengers’ radar? Did they take a long Marvel Shawarma break?


Bucky Barnes


So, Iron Man and Bucky are suddenly fine with what happened? Yeah, we get it. As a punishment, Bucky gets to live in the beautiful city of Wakanda (oh what a horror), and Tony couldn’t figure that out now, could he? (given that he is extra dumb now, is it?)

Also, after that, no one mentions that fight. Yeah, they did meet them again, and while they did, they were in the midst of World extinction, so we get that. But why not talk to Cap or say something like an annoying dialogue to Ant-Man about it?

I mean, it is simply in the nature of Stark to do so, so why not do it?


Nick Fury


You mean to say that the guy is a world-class badass with a set of spies who could rip the world apart, yet he didn’t think of calling Captain Marvel while Loki charged against Earth or while Ultron was wreaking havoc?

Yeah, the Avengers were there, but not even a dialogue about Captain Marvel was said….so Nick Fury had forgotten entirely about her, or did he just have some unyielding confidence in the boy band he has created?





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