Vinland Saga Chapter 189 Release Date and Spoilers

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The release date of Vinland Saga Chapter 189 is close and fans are quite happy about it. The last chapter was basically an exploration of Hild’s conscience and her sudden interaction with the forest shaman. Moreover, the previous chapter also raised some questions regarding the development of the settlement.

To know the release details and other updates of the upcoming chapter, scroll down and take a look for yourself.

Vinland Saga Chapter 189 Release Date:

Vinland Saga Chapter 189 is all set to release on December 24, 2021. The manga usually releases on a monthly basis, on either the 24th or 25th of the month.

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A Recap of Vinland Saga Chapter 188:

The chapter begins with a few Norsewomen fleeing from the riverside due to the spotting of a bear. After that, a group of villagers came in to inspect the area. For a bear to not go into hibernation in winter was weird. To make sure that the bear doesn’t cause any more problems, a guy decides to hunt it down with a group of men.  

hild vinland saga

But Hild disagrees with his idea because the bear might flee if it sees a group. So, to make sure that the bear is dealt with, she says no one should come into the forest. However, the group disagrees but Thorfinn says it’ll be okay as she knows how to hunt a bear.

Cut to the next panel and we see Hild tracking the bear’s tracks. As she is following the tracks, she realizes that it’s been quite a while since she tracked a bear. And how from hunting bears to teaching children, her journey has taken a wild turn. She contemplates her actions and remembers Karli saying ‘Time heals all wounds’.

The Aftermath:

After a while, she found that the bear already went into hibernation as it got its fill. Now, as the bear won’t be any problem to the villagers, she decides to go back. The night was approaching so she figured that she would camp in the woods only. 

hild and forest shaman

As Hild is listening to the forest noises and finding it peaceful; she hears some heavy footsteps coming towards her. And, she was right, it was a human-like figure with a bear-head.  The bear-person asks Hild why she did not kill the bear. She explains how due to the settlements taking the territory of the bears, they weren’t able to get their fill. 

Despite not getting their food before winter, the bears didn’t attack. With the bear now hibernating, she didn’t want to interfere its sleep. The bear-person then asks why Hild claims to understand the bear, even though one of their leaders was killed by one. To that, she replies that it was a long time ago.

What Can Happen In The Next Chapter?

After spending the night in the woods, Hild prepares to get back to the village in the morning. In Vinland Saga Chapter 189, she might share the exhilarating experience of having a conversation with the bear-person with someone.

hild aand karli vinland saga

Not to mention, Karli’s words did affect her and we might see some interaction between her and Thorfinn. Till then, let’s wait for a few more days.

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Where Can You Read Vinland Saga?

You can read Vinland Saga Chapter 189 and future releases of this series after they are shortly released in Japan, by keeping up with English translations done by online fan groups. Here is a link to read Vinland Saga chapters done by Project Vinland on MangaSee.

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