What Role Does Voice Artist From What If…? Lake Bell Has In Wakanda Forever?

What Role Does Voice Artist From What If...? Lake Bell Has In Wakanda Forever?

It’s a rumored casting that’s flown completely under the radar for most Marvel fans, with there only being a glimpse of actor Lake Bell during one of the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” trailers and in some leaked set photos. But now, thanks to a new interview posted online by Marvel Entertainment, we can officially confirm that the “What If…?” star will be showing up in the MCU as a character in “Wakanda Forever.”

First spotted in some set photos from November 2021, Bell wound up showing her face yet again in the second trailer for Ryan Coogler’s new flick, which came out in early October. Bell’s involvement in the “Black Panther” sequel was something that had been rumored and talked about on social media for several weeks, but Marvel refused to confirm anything, as usual. Some people have speculated that Bell — who plays Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow in “What If…?” — will be portraying a scientist and Riri Williams’ (Dominique Thorne) professor at MIT.

There have also been talks of her character leading a mission to search for vibranium in the ocean, which ends up awakening and angering Namor (Tenoch Huerta). But none of it has been officially confirmed yet. However, thanks to Bell’s recent interview with Marvel, we at least know a few details about what to expect from her.

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‘I am brief, but with great energy and fervor’

What Role Does Voice Artist From What If...? Lake Bell Has In Wakanda Forever?

Speaking at the world premiere of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” Lake Bell revealed that her character would be making a small, yet epic, appearance in the Ryan Coogler sequel. And there’s nothing more she could’ve asked for.

“I am brief but with great energy and fervor,” Bell explained to the Marvel Entertainment interview team in an October 26 YouTube video. “And I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the movie,” she said.

According to Bell, she and Coogler have been friends for nearly a decade, so it felt right for her to work with him on this. The former “Boston Legal” actor told Marvel: “Ryan Coogler is a good friend. We were Sundance comrades in 2013 together, so we were in the same class. So it feels really good to be here and support him.” As for joining the MCU as a “What If…?” alum, Bell is extremely grateful for the opportunity to check out the live-action side of things.

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“I feel super honored to be a part of the Marvel Universe,” she told Marvel. “I play Black Widow in the animated series What If…? so this is an extension of my loyalty I suppose. But truly, it’s really fun to exist within a total fantastical universe that feels like a respite from the reality we deal with on a daily basis. It’s extraordinary and it’s full of wonder, and it continues to excite audiences. That for me is super cool.”

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