Where Does Secret Invasion Fit in the MCU Timeline? How Will Secret Invasion Move MCU Timeline Forward?

Marvel just confirmed exactly when the MCU’s next Disney+ series, Secret Invasion, fits into the overarching Marvel Studios timeline.

Samuel L. Jackson will make his grand return to the MCU as Nick Fury in his first Multiverse Saga appearance with Secret Invasion, which will also be his first time headlining an MCU project as a rogue group of Skrulls looks to infiltrate Earth.

And with a recently released clip from the series teasing its ties back to Fury’s first canonical appearance in 2019’s Captain Marvel, the MCU will look to get fans up to date on one of the more current stories in the overarching narrative.

Where Does Secret Invasion Fit in the MCU Timeline?

During the press conference for Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion, VP of Production & Development at Marvel Studios Jonathan Schwartz confirmed the series’ place in the ever-growing MCU timeline.

Schwartz confirmed that the show will take place in “present-day MCU” after both The Blip and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, becoming the most recent project in both the real world and in-universe:

“It’s present-day MCU, is what we’re calling it. So it exists along the timeline that the shows come out in. So, post-‘She-Hulk,’ post-Blip, right at this exact present day in the MCU. I think that’s all I can say.”

Disney+’s She-Hulk was confirmed to end in early 2025 in the timeline, meaning that Secret Invasion will take place in 2025 in MCU canon.

It’s also been confirmed to take place before The Marvels, with the show serving as a lead-in for Captain Marvel’s second solo adventure, indicating the MCU’s next movie will also be the latest yet in the franchise timeline.

How Will Secret Invasion Move MCU Timeline Forward?

Looking at these quotes, it’s no surprise to see that Secret Invasion will be the newest entry in the MCU timeline as the story goes back to Earth for the first time in any MCU project this year.

And after Fury’s story in this show features heavy ties to 2019’s Captain Marvel, this will set up a string of releases more in line with the present-day timeline than many stretches in recent memory for the MCU.

The real question now is the impact that Secret Invasion will have on the rest of the timeline, serving as more of an Earth-based adventure while also setting up potentially heavy ramifications with one of the biggest comic storylines in recent years.

And while it’s still unclear where the MCU will go once this new Disney+ show takes its own place in the timeline, the cast and crew assembled for Secret Invasion have the challenge of keeping the MCU’s successful run going here.

Secret Invasion’s first episode will debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 21.

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