Will Black Widow Stream on Disney Plus?


Oh, this question, again! God, we are tired of asking this question, and it looks like it will take forever to know the exact answer.

What’s the Call?

Now that DC’s Wonder Woman 1984 has been announced to debut on Christmas day both in theatres and its streaming platform HBO Max, fans are curious about the Black Widow movie’s fate.

Black Widow movie has met the same fate as Wonder Woman 1984. It has been rescheduled for God knows how many times and fans by now are just tried to even speculate on what is set to come.

Scarlett Johansson Hands the Baton to Florence Pugh in Black Widow

Worst Year to be a Marvel Fan!

Marvel fans have had the worst year. Well, it’s 2020. Everyone is on the same train, but Marvel has made sure to leave their fans high and dry. 2020 had many problems, but the worst one for marvel fans was not having a single MCU release in the entire year. WandaVision, which was expected to release at least by the year-end, has also been postponed to January 15, 2020.

Insider Claim on Black Widow

Yesterday, an insider claimed that Disney would decide on the fate of Black Widow debuting in Disney Plus within a month. There were also rumors from trusted “insiders” telling Disney is highly considering streaming it in Disney Plus rather than a theatrical release.

Some new reports that have surfaced today, claim that it is highly unlikely for that to happen. Given that Disney Plus already has a lot of subscribers and it won’t need movies like Black Widow to do it for them, unlike HBO Max, which is new and in need of subscribers.



Does Disney need our help?

So, some of these claims are true. But we definitely don’t know which one is the truth. We do know Disney Plus doesn’t need Black Widow Movie’s help for getting new subscribers. It has many originals slated to release and have already released and has a decent subscribers list of 80 million.

There are very few chances of Black Widow streaming in Disney Plus. Now that the vaccine is 95% effective, the world might go back to normal next summer. So, that means Black Widow can get her final hurrah before we lose the character forever.

One last Hurrah!

Also, marvel fans are used to big grand openings and wild theatre experiences. Making them watch it in an app is not going to sit well with them. Now that the release date is on April 29, 2021, we hope we get the vaccine by then.

Black Widow deserves her grand opening, and we will do everything in our might to give that to her! Wakanda Forever! Oops, wrong movie, but you get the energy!




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