Will There Be A Season 3 For The Witcher?


Well, this question has already taken over some fans as they eagerly wait for the second season to hit Netflix.

When will the Second Season of The Witcher stream?

Fans have been eagerly waiting to find out the release date of Witcher season 2, and all they have got as of now is that the show will stream in the last quarter of 2021.

But before that, the fans will have a good time watching the anime feature film about Vesemir, the father figure of Geralt who will be appearing in the second season.

We know that the second season was confirmed even before the first season, so we have a feeling that the film will tie in directly to the plot by the end.


The Witcher Season 2: First Scene Revealed By Netflix

Will there be a 3rd season of The Witcher?

Well, given that it is pretty popular and has a huge fan base who are obsessing over every detail coming from the set or leaks, we think there might be more seasons to come.

The first season covered a lot of timelines in the Witcher history, and still, it just cleared a small portion of what happened in the continent.

So, we know for a fact that there is a story for at least 10 to 20 seasons. But it will get boring if they drag it that much.


So, the spin-offs might do the job of telling the stories. We already have a prequel that is about to begin filming, which will tell us the stories that happened 1000 years before the current story.


But if it’s anything like Game of Thrones, it will run for around five more seasons, and we might get more spin-offs taking the story further.

We have definitely not seen the end of the adventures Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri will be having. To be frank, Ciri is just starting out, and we know she will be having a butt load of it.


And without a doubt, all of them will be deadly and yet interesting in their own dark, twisted, and Witchery Way.



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