[UPDATE] The Witcher is Filming Crucial Fight Scenes With…

Wolfgang Stegemann: Stunt Director Seen on the Witcher Set

If you are unaware of who he is, then let me put it this way. Wolfgang Stegemann is the stunt director of Mission Impossible and the fight in the first season in the Blavikan market with Renfri and her bandits.

Best fight Scene in Television History

image: Netflix

That fight in the marketplace is one of the best fight scenes to date and has definitely had us crying, excited, and wishing that Renfri gives up and goes on adventures with Geralt instead.

Wolfgang Stegemann was busy shooting Mission Impossible, but now according to recent set pictures, it is noted that he is here on sets with the actors reshooting some crucial fight scenes. So, gear up; we are getting more amazing fights in the second season.


Reshooting crucial fight scenes

Stephen Surjik, the director of the first two episodes, who had previously claimed that his episodes are done and in the post-production stage, was also seen back on set. Apparently, they are doing some extra scenes after the video went for editing, and they weren’t satisfied.

With reports of several key cast members arriving on set with the director and the master class stunt choreographer, like many of you guessed by now, they are shooting the fight scene set in the ruined Fortress of Kaer Morhen.


What’s the fight about?

As to why they are fighting and what is going on is still unknown, but let me tell you this, there were a lot of Witchers seen in this fight, according to the sources. So, either there is some unimaginably tough monster they are fighting against or just fighting within themselves because we have seen that Geralt is alone enough to kill any beast no matter how vicious it gets.

So, the chances are that it’s either a big fight of life or death or merely the Witchers are fighting within themselves. Netflix is adding new characters and new roles to keep the fans interested, and in that line, we will be seeing some more Witchers in the second season since Netflix is introducing new Witchers that weren’t in the book.


Too many dishes being cooked


We can’t be sure which scene they are shooting now because three directors are on set shooting different episodes but all in the same area, Bourne Woods.

While characters like Yennefer and Filavandrel were also seen shooting in what appears to be a totally different scene, we are happy to find that they both are still alive. God, please let it not be flashback scenes. Also, Filavandrel was not in dire danger, but it was still risky as humans had already figured out that someone was stealing their food.

So, it’s only a matter of time before the Elves get caught. Let’s just hope by then they become stronger and are ready to face the humans.

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