Worst Villains With Strong Quirks In My Hero Academia

Here is everything you need to know about the worst villains with strong Quirks in My Hero Academia.

Toya SetsunoToya Setsuno

Every member of Kai Chisaki’s Eight Bullets has been carefully selected based on two factors: loyalty and Quirks. Characters like Kendo Rappa and Joi Irinaka have since become major fan-favorite villains, but Toya Setsuno simply fails to match the audience’s expectations.

His entire character arc sounds like something out of a bad romance movie, so fans don’t really care about anything he has to offer. That said, Setsuno’s impressive intelligence works phenomenally well with his Quirk. As the name suggests, Larceny allows him to “steal” an object from his opponent’s hands, no matter how strong their grip might be.


Despite his one-track mind, Moonfish is unquestionably among the most dangerous villains in My Hero Academia. His character development is threadbare at best, as the story focuses exclusively on his combat prowess and bloodthirsty nature.

Moonfish was once a horrible criminal, and he follows the same gruesome path even after bursting out of Tartarus prison. His Blade-Tooth Quirk converts all his teeth into individual blades, each of which can be controlled separately. In fact, Moonfish would have likely maimed Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo without Dark Shadow’s intervention.


Starservant holds no allegiance to the antagonistic groups in My Hero Academia, including the League of Villains. On the contrary, he presents himself as an apocalyptic soothsayer, making grandiose declarations pertaining to the inevitable annihilation of society.

Starservant is basically a glorified cult leader, except without a single follower to spread his nonsensical preachings. Meanwhile, his Glass Manipulation Quirk can control glass, reconfiguring the material into a wide range of shapes, consistencies, and structures.

Gentle CriminalGentle Criminal

Gentle Criminal plays a significant role in the U.A. School Festival Arc, where he attempts to break into the U.A. and disrupt the celebrations. Deku knows that the festival is the only chance to get Eri to smile for the first time.

As such, the young hero successfully stops Gentle Criminal from carrying out his dastardly mission, albeit after an immense struggle. Although Gentle Criminal may not have meant any harm, his actions would have likely hampered Eri’s recovery. However, his Elasticity Quirk is definitely one of the strongest meta abilities in My Hero Academia.


There are very few characters who possess multiple Quirks, most of whom are villains. One of them is the mighty Gigantomachia, a gargantuan entity with nothing on his mind except serving All For One and Tomura Shigaraki.

Gigantomachia may have been self-aware at some point in his life, but the seven Quirks in his system have fundamentally altered his consciousness. While he’s not exactly a complex character, he’s more than capable of obliterating entire cities in his bid to reunite with Tomura. Thankfully, the League of Villains seldom allows Gigantomachia to go on a rampage.

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