Ymir’s Letter To Historia Will Make You Cry!

Ymir and Historia: Ymir's letter to Historia

Attack on Titan fans were elated when the mangaka confirmed that there was an LGBTQ+ relationship: Ymir and Historia. However, this elation was not long-lived since their love ended on a tragic note.

In Attack on Titan Season 2, we saw h0w Ymir revealed herself to be the Jaw Titan during the attack at Utgard Castle. She had acquired the power after consuming Galliard before they went to attack Paradis Island.

However, she was kidnapped by Bertholt and Reiner and even when given the opportunity to go back to the walls with Historia Reiss, she refused to do so. She went back to Marley where she had grown up as an orphan, became the leader of a cult, and then turned into a Titan sixty years ago.

Ymir x Historia: Ymir's letter to Historia

There, she willingly submitted to the fate of being consumed by Porco Galliard for reasons unknown to us. Before she died though, she wrote a heart-moving letter addressed to Historia where she professed her love for her and expressed her regret that she was not able to marry her.

Here’s Ymir’s letter to Historia:

To my dear Historia: As I’m writing this, Reiner stands next to me. It’s pretty obvious that he’s sneaking peeks at this love letter. He can be such a creep. No wonder he’s single. However, he did promise me he’d deliver this letter to you. He says it’s payback for saving them that one time. I’m sorry about then. I never imagined I would end up choosing them over you. It won’t be long till I die. But I have no regrets. That’s what I’d like to say, but there is one thing: It’s that I wasn’t able to marry you. Sincerely, Ymir.

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This letter was one of the most heartbreaking things about Attack on Titan as Ymir narrated her life story and how before she became a Titan, she had always lived a life of lies that she willingly fed herself. In Ymir’s letter to Historia, we saw how she started taking a liking to her after seeing how similar they were/are.

While she couldn’t write much to Historia since the letter could be censored by Reiner and the Marleyan authorities, the letter is proof that Attack on Titan can have the most beautiful romances despite its strong fascist overtones and gore.

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After reading the letter, Historia starts tearing up and tries to hold them back when some soldiers march into the room. We finally found a story of love that is undoubtedly better than even the likes of Eren and Mikasa.


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