All The Bleach Captains Who Died in The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

Bleach Captains Who Died in the Quincy Invasion

The Quincy Invasion was the most traumatic blow to Soul Society and helped question the legitimacy of Soul Society. Yhwach, along with his Sternritter, took over large swathes of Soul Society within mere days. 

In this short invasion, many Soul reapers met their demise and we witnessed a lot of our favourite characters being defeated. The Sternritter are a group of Quincies who owe their allegiance to Yhwach and are as strong, if not stronger, as the Captain-level Shinigamis. 

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The fact that many of them were equipped with medallions to steal Bankais disabled many Captains’ strongest power. Soi Fon, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Genryusai Yamamoto, and Byakuya Kuchiki all got their Bankais stolen. Out of them, Yamamoto, the Captain-Commander, lost his life in his battle with Yhwach. 

Bambietta and As Nodt With Bankai-Stealing Medallions
Sternritters Bambietta and As Nodt With Bankai-Stealing Medallions

The Bleach Final Arc (or the Thousand Year Blood War Arc) was incredibly painful to read because we had to see our favorite characters get seriously injured or die. So, we’ve brought you a list of all the Bleach Captains who lost their lives during the Quincy Invasion i.e. the Bleach Final Arc.

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

In an epic battle with Yhwach, Yamamoto got his Bankai Zanka No Tachi stolen by Yhwach. Yamamoto had earlier been fighting with a fake Yhwach impersonation by Royd Lloyd. But after he defeats Royd who’s ruthlessly murdered by Yhwach himself, he is easily overpowered by the Real Yhwach.

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Yamamoto is Defeated by Yhwach
Yamamoto is cut in half by Yhwach

Yhwach uses Yamamoto’s own Bankai to defeat him. He chastises him for becoming weak over time and he explains that the Gotei 13 had died 1000 years ago, which Yamamoto never understood. Yhwach completely obliterates his thousand-year rival’s body with a series of reishi blasts. 

Tragically, the only remaining part of Yamamoto was his Zanpakuto, Ryujin Jakka, which lay broken and scorched.

Yachiru Unohana, the First Kenpachi

Right after Shunsui Kyoraku became the new Captain-Commander, he orders Unohana to train Zaraki in Muken. This order is made to help unleash the real infinite potential of Zaraki’s strength and power. As the first and the latest Kenpachi, both share an unusual history of awe, respect, and fear for each other. 

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In their fight to the death, Unohana overpowers Kenpachi Zaraki and grievously injures him, healing him repeatedly during the fight. As the two continue fighting, Kenpachi keeps getting stronger and stronger until he reaches a point where he defeats her by impaling her.

Bleach Unohana vs Aizen
Retsu Unohana, The first Kenpachi
Unohana gets impaled by Kenpachi Zaraki
Unohana gets impaled by Kenpachi Zaraki

She dies with satisfaction, knowing that she fulfilled his duty of helping Zaraki unlock his limitless potential and congratulates him.

Jushiro Ukitake

After Ichigo murders the Soul King out of necessity, Soul Society is hit by tremendous tremors. Ukitake then begins the ritual to replace the Soul King and a shadow rises from Ukitake’s back. His clothes fall off as everyone gets a peek at the Kamikake on his back. 

Ukitake Replaces the Soul King
Ukitake Replaces the Soul King

A huge eye hovers above Ukitake’s gruesome body after he asks Mimihagi to give him strength and power. He explains how Mimihagi has allowed him to live for so long after his parents asked the deity to save their sickly three-year-old son. Later, he becomes the new right hand of the Soul King, only to be murdered by Yhwach later.

Eye Hovering Above Ukitake
Huge Eye Hovering Above Ukitake

Other captains like Rose Otoribashi and Kensei Muguruma also died at the hands of the Sternritter Gremmy Thoumeaux, while being incapacitated. However, they’re later brought back to live. Even Sajin Komamura becomes a wolf after he used his Humanification Technique and thus, resigns from his post.

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