Artist Illustrates 7 Phrases in Comic Way


Funny phrases will go out of fashion only when the pigs will fly. But, are these phrases all Greek to you? Don’t worry. We got you covered! Hold your horses and start scrolling down to see 7 illustrations by Tut Comics that describe these phrases in different and witty ways.

1. Being Flake

Worrying for the obvious reasons.

Credits: thedailytut

2. Die on Someone

Well, where and when to die is not in one’s hands.

Credits: thedailytut

3. Pie in The Sky

Not only the humans but even the animals get tricked because mirage believes in equality.

Credits: thedailytut

4. With Due Respect

Does everybody deserve respect? Nah, we don’t think so.

Credits: thedailytut

5. Wearing Heart on The Sleeve

I say what I feel, and when I can’t say what I feel, I show my arm because my heart is on my sleeve.

Credits: thedailytut

6. Know No Fear

Know no fear, and boom! You will not be here.

Credits: thedailytut

7. Turn a Blind Eye

– Do you see anything wrong here?

– No, I don’t see a problem.

– Exactly.

Credits: thedailytut

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