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Best Things About Sakura Haruno

Here is everything you need to know about the best thing about Sakura Haruno.

She Is Super SmartShe Is Super Smart

Sakura may not be a genius like Shikamaru, but when it comes to the fundamentals of Chakra control she is ahead of the curve. She sped through the written portion of the Chunin Exams without cheating, which was nearly impossible for everyone else.

Her understanding of Chakra isn’t just useful in the classroom either. She can apply what she knows and learn new techniques incredibly quickly. When team 7 was first learning to climb trees through the Chakra on their feet, she was able to do it on her first try.

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Sakura Is One Of The Strongest ShinobiSakura Is One Of The Strongest Shinobi

Sakura inherited her monstrous strength from Tsunade and managed to become even more powerful than her predecessor. She can destroy an entire battlefield with a single punch and went toe to toe with a member of the Akatsuki nearly on her own.

Chiyo of the sand village probably wouldn’t have been able to fight back against the Third Kazekage’s metal sand if Sakura hadn’t been there to blow the giant metal pieces away with her punches. When it comes to physical fights, Sakura is someone no one wants to mess with.

Sakura Is Much Braver Then People ThinkSakura Is Much Braver Then People Think

Facing skilled Shinobi isn’t easy even for the most experienced of ninjas, but Sakura was doing that as a young Genin. During the Zabuza Arc, she regularly stepped in front of the bridge builder to protect him from enemy attacks despite her lack of skill.

She also successfully defended her teammates during the Chunin Exams even though she could have been killed. Whether fans want to admit it or not, Sakura is a lot braver than most.

Sakura’s Chakra Control Is UncontestedSakura's Chakra Control Is Uncontested

Sakura isn’t from a special clan and she doesn’t have a Kekkei Genkai. It’s amazing how much she was able to achieve as a Shinobi. A lot of that is because she has always had excellent Chakra control.

With her amazing Chakra skills, she was able to become a top Medical Ninja, even surpassing Tsunade. The fact that she mastered the Hundred Healings Jutsu at such a young age shows how incredibly talented she is.

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It’s Easy For Her To ForgiveIt's Easy For Her To Forgive

Considering all the times Sasuke tried to kill her, it’s amazing she was able to forgive him so easily. Most people wouldn’t, which shows how much of a better person she is. Even their other classmates were ready to give up on Sasuke after she attacked Killer Bee from the cloud village, but Sakura held on to her feelings for him.

Her forgiving nature also made it a lot easier for her to rely on new allies. Despite everything Obito did, she was willing to work with him, saving Sasuke’s life because of it.

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