Black Clover Chapter 310 Release Date and Spoilers

Black-Clover: Zenon

Black Clover Chapter 310 will be released soon and will show the battle between Zenon and Yuno in greater detail and intensity. While the previous chapters of Black Clover showed Zenon easily defeating the trio of Yuno, Langris, and Finral. 

The conflicted history of the Royal Family of the Spade Kingdom was explored too, which gave depth to the plot. If you wish to learn more about what will happen next chapter, keep reading!

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Black Clover Chapter 310 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 310 will be getting released soon on the 24th of October 2021. It’ll be released without any delays hopefully. The release timings differ from region to regon.

Black Clover Chapter 309 Recap

All the following events took place in the previous chapter:

The mystery surrounding Yuno’s Star Magic will be explored in Black Clover Chapter 310, when Yuno, recovering from being knocked out, battles Zenon. Zenon had already levelled up with new abilities, and Finral joining the fight added a new dimension. 

Yuno's Star Magic

“Blink” is the title of Chapter 310. This episode resumed where it left off, with Supreme Devil Zenon inflicting the harshest “punishments” to Langris and Finral. Yuno, on the other hand, had risen after his grimoire unleashed a massive light. Zenon and Yuno will be having a battle.

Yuno had made the decision to defeat Zenon after experiencing some intense emotional flashbacks. Zenon was taken aback when he saw Yuno wielding two grimoires with great agility and precision. He accurately sensed that there were some mysterious hidden powers within the grimoire. 

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Zenon was dealt massive damage by two massively destructive bolts of lightning. During this time, the history of the royal family of the Spade Kingdom is revealed. Throughout the decades, the Spade Kingdom’s family has been in the possession of exceptional magic, which they’ve been using for the well-being of everyone.

We learned about Loyce, “His” father, and Ciel, “His” mother. We learn that Loyce and Ciel are Sun and Moon Magic-users respectively. Zenon knows that Yun Gribelly is the son of Ciel and Loyce, and that he is the one who inherited Ciel and Loyce’s blood. 

After learning that Yuno is in control of Star Magic, Zenon’s visage is shattered. Yuno is a Son of Royals, the one that was saved from Zenon and the two devils who attempted to kill him. Bell teams up with Yuno to kill Zenon but both realize that they need something more concrete to defeat the villain.

Black Clover Chapter 310: Zenon's face is shattered
Zenon’s face is shattered

Yuno transforms into his fighting form and joins Finral in rescuing Langris. As they fought Zenon in a 3v1 battle, the two came at his side. Yuno has a Four-Leaf Grimoire and a Second Grimoire in his possession which made his allies confused.

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The two discussed about Golden Dawn’s Vice-Captain, prompting Langris to leave him alone in a 1v1 battle. Yuno activates his Star Magic: Quartile Scutum method. Zenon is taken aback as he sees Yuno unleashing yet another attack: Star Magic: Conjunction, which causes Yuno to teleport between the stars. 

Black Clover Chapter 310 Spoilers

The raw scans of Chapter 310 haven’t been released yet, which basically means no spoilers yet. However, it does seem like the battle between Yuno and Zenon will continue. Zenon looks like he’s been pushed into a corner by Yuno’s new abilities.

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Viz Media and MangaPLus are the most legal websites for reading Black Clover.

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