Boruto Episode 237 : Release Date, Preview and Other Details

Boruto Episode 235

Boruto Episode 237 sees Team 7 united with Team 5 on Dotou island. The ninjas are taking down the Funato guards one after another, and it looks like they may finally be able to help the prisoners escape. However, Lord Tenma poses a serious threat to this becoming a reality. 

Will Boruto and his team be able to assist the team on Dotou island in evacuating the hostages? Will Metal and Denki be able to restart the ship and put it out on the sea? Will Tenma’s dark power thwart their attempts? Read this article to find everything about Boruto Episode 237.

About Boruto 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the anime sequel to Naruto and the story focuses on Naruto’s son, the eponymous character Boruto Uzumaki. The anime follows the life and adventures of Boruto as he joins a ninja team.

While Boruto emulates his father on the path to greatness in the ninja world, he wants to make his own impression. Boruto is also tremendously determined to leave his own mark in the ninja world and affirm his own greatness, outside Naruto’s shadow.


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Recap of Boruto Episode 237

Boruto Episode 237 hasn’t been released yet so it would be great to recap Episode 236. The episode opens with Boruto eager to join Denki and others on the Dotou island. Sarada, Mitski and the others have discovered the Funato fortress on the island where the locals are being held captives.

Boruto Episode 237

Denki, Iwabe and Metal head to the bay to secure a pirate ship for their escape. Boruto, Kagura and the rest of his team sail in perilous waters to the fortress. Lord Tenma’s soldier suggests that they destroy the Mist’s front line.


Boruto episode 237

He says that with this new fame Tenma can become the successor of the Funato clan by casting aside both Isari and Araumi. Tenma knocks the soldier down, saying he values his clan more than his own life. Even the pirates have their values!

Sarada and Mitski take out the Funato soldiers but they are soon discovered. They hold off the pirates while Denki struggles to kickstart the ship. The Funatos attack the ship with streams of ocean water, while metal holds up the defence bravely.

Boruto Episode 237


Kagura’s motion sickness is treated by another member’s strike on his chest. Suddenly their ship slows down and we know something sinister is approaching.

Preview and Spoilers for Boruto Episode 237

Boruto Episode 236 is titled “The Mobile Fortress”. Boruto says that at that rate they would reach the rendezvous point in no time. They say they are the only ones who can save the Fortress.

We see a shot of Tenma grinning, probably with an aim to subdue the ninjas. We might see a faceoff between Tenma and Boruto in the next episode. The fate of the captives of the island also hangs by a thread.

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Release date of Boruto Episode 237

Boruto Episode 237 will be released on 20 February 2022. 

Where can you watch Boruto?

You can watch Boruto Episode 237 on Crunchyroll or AnimeLab. It is also available on Funimation.


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