Ciri’s Parents Return for The Second Season of The Witcher


From what we already know and with the way the first season ended, we know that Ciri will play an important role in the second season.

Is season 2 worth the hype?

The Witcher season two has all the hype it needs, and the only thing fans don’t know as of yet is how long they have to wait for the season to release.

There have been a lot of rumors and plot details that have been revealed about the second season, and one of the most important ones is the return of Geralt to Kaer Morhen, where he will meet with his other Witcher friends.

Now, as we know, Ciri has some dangerous powers lurking inside her, and she needs help asap. Geralt will be training her in combat, and Triss is supposedly the one to train her at first to control her powers.

Cintran Flashback

The Witcher: Blood Origin

Now, new information has surfaced that Ciri’s parents Duny and Pavetta, will be returning for the second season.

We don’t have the details, but it is said that the actors playing Duny and Pavetta, Bart Edwards and Gaia Mondadori, were seen on Arborfield Studios set along with director Ed Bazalgette. He will be directing the 5th and 8th episode.

Yes, they wouldn’t return in the current timeline. It is probably a flashback scene. The Witcher is known for connecting dots bizarrely, and we know they will have a lot of stories to tell about Ciri’s powers and her parents whenever they deem fit and definitely after we are confused as hell.

Will the Queen and King return?  


But the source also mentions that no other Cintran actors were seen on set along with them. Both Queen Calanthe and King Eist will join them soon, or this may be about how Ciri’s parents died.

All we know is that after Pavetta’s death, Calanthe let her guard down and put a halt to her glorious days of battle. So, we may get the answers to a lot of questions about Cintra’s downfall if Pavetta and Dunny are back.

This season will be going away from the source materials as far as we know, as they have even decided to kill Eskel.

So, let’s wait and watch as to what all the writers do before they tell us what it is that makes Ciri a force to be reckoned with.

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