Dr. Stone Chapter 203: Preview, Release Date, Plot and Other Details.

Dr Stone Chapter 203

Dr. Stone is one of the most popular Shonen Manga/anime that entertains as much as it educates. It’s received praise for giving accurate scientific information and critical acclaim for its character development. 

The recent hype over Dr. Stone has been about when the new Dr Stone Chapter 203 will be released. So, let’s get into the deets.

Plot of Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone focuses on the story of how a science prodigy, Senku Ishigami, works towards his goal of rebuilding civilization again. In this post-apocalyptic world, humanity had been petrified into stone for over 3700 years. 

Dr Stone Chapter 203

He starts studying the millions of petrified humans in order to understand what led to this mass petrification and what can cure them.

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The fact that the Dr Stone manga was the winner of the Shogakukan Manga Award in 2019 speaks volumes about its artistic merit. Two seasons of Dr Stone anime have been released, with the latest season airing in the first quarter of 2021.

What Happened in Dr Stone Chapter 202?

In Chapter 202, the entire gang reaches Spain and talks a great deal about Spanish food. Being in a new place really upped their sense of enthusiasm and they impulsively start searching for olives to make olive oil.

Dr Stone Chapter 202
Dr Stone Chapter 202

Senku, who unsurprisingly is proficient in food science, starts extracting the oil. They use the oil to make a lot of excellent, mouth-watering dishes, and the gang feasts heartily. But the real thing they’re searching for is fluorite.

Dr. Stone Chapter 203 Release Date

Illustrated by Boichi, a South Korean artist, 202 chapters of Dr. Stone have been released, with the latest chapter, Chapter 202, releasing on June 27, 2021. That’s why many fans are hyped over when Dr. Stone Chapter 203 is releasing. 

Fortunately, no delays have been announced. Dr Stone Chapter 203 will be getting released on the 4th of July, 2021. The new chapter is titled “Quest for Fluorite”.

Where to Read Dr. Stone Chapter 203

You can read the manga on reputed platforms like Viz Media and Mangaplus. Plus, they’re completely free!

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