Edens Zero Chapter 166: Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks

Edens Zero Chapter 164

Emperor Nero has fallen marking the decline of the empire. Shura is also defeated along with his plans to destroy all androids in the AOI cosmos. The war has finally ended. However, our heroes are still not safe as twenty thousand anti-matter bombs are set to explode.

Fans are on the edge as King Ziggy is holding back the Edens Zero from escaping. With just one minute left before detonation, will Shiki and the rest make it out in time? Read on to find out more about the upcoming chapter, Edens Zero Chapter 166.

Edens Zero Chapter 166 Release Date

Edens Zero Chapter 166 is set to release on 2nd November 2021. The upcoming chapter will be titled, “I Love You”. Depending on the location of the readers, the release date may vary. English translation will be available soon after the Japanese version is released. 

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Edens Zero Chapter 165 Recap

Here’s what happened in the previous chapter of Edens Zero.

The walls around Shiki started trembling. Twenty thousand anti-matter bombs were set to detonate on the planet of Nero66. With just 20 minutes left before detonation, Shiki found himself at a crossroad. Find a way to deactivate the bombs or escape to survival. At that moment, the Aqua Wing came crashing into the place. 

Edens Zero Chapter 165 Crew Of Aqua Wing

The crew of the Aqua wing showed up after detecting high large quantities of explosives. Before evacuating, Shiki looked around for Shura but he had disappeared. In a broadcast, the residents of planet Nero 66 are informed of the impending danger and are requested to vacate immediately. 

Above planet Nero 66, the serpent-like aircraft was fast approaching. Angered by the death of Furena, Dylan flies his ship into it immobilizing it. This gave Eraser the chance to use his ability to completely destroy the Empire’s most powerful weapon. 

All of a sudden, Edens Zero shows up with the announcement of Nero and Shura’s defeat. They advised the Interstellar Union, the Rebel Army, and the Imperial army to cease fire and vacate the sector immediately. With the news that twenty thousand bombs were about to detonate, they started ordering their ships to leave the sector immediately. We witness hundreds of ships fleeing in order to save themselves. 

Inside the infirmary of Edens Zero, Shiki and Rebecca are glad to see that Witch is doing fine. Shiki and Witch were sharing heartfelt conversations when all of a sudden they start hearing a strange sound buzzing. With the bombs almost about the detonate, the ship had stopped functioning. 

Edens Zero Chapter 165 Witch

It was then revealed that Demon King Ziggy was behind all these. He had frozen all the ship’s controls, leaving them trap and unable to leave the sector. Ziggy revealed that this was all the fault of Shiki. However, Witch stood up to him and said that it won’t go as planned so long as the shield of Eden was around.

What To Expect From Edens Zero Chapter 166

The upcoming chapter of Edens Zero Chapter 166 will be released under the title, “I Love You”. Recently, Twitter account user, Doc, shared the following posts about the upcoming chapter.

According to Doc, we can expect the bombs to go off, destroying everything. This means that the entire planet will be destroyed causing a planetary genocide. However, the question still remains whether or not the crew of Edens Zero will survive or not. 

The line from the post,” But Witch has not said her last word!” hints to the readers that the survival of the crew might depend on Witch. We can certainly expect Witch to play a major role in the upcoming chapter. Let’s hope we get more leaks about Edens Zero Chapter 166 in the days to come.

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Where To Read Edens Zero

You can read the official version of Edens Zero on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.

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