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Fighting Style of All The Avengers That Taskmaster Has Copied

Taskmaster is known in MCU for his ability to mimic the fighting styles of his opponents, and in the latest trailers, we see him picking up on some of the familiar tricks.

Taskmaster, an outlaw assassin, will make his MCU debut in the highly anticipated prequel Black Widow. From the looks of it, he has the skills and tactics borrowed from the other Avengers. Disney and Marvel have dropped several trailers for the film, and fans will see Natasha’s former family before she met the Avengers.

The Taskmaster was born with a rare condition that scientists and psychiatrists have dubbed as “photogenic reflex“, which allowed him to duplicate the physical movement of someone. He, for some time, entertained the idea of ​​using his ability to fight crime but later decided to delve into a career as a professional criminal.

The trailers have also provided quick looks at the skills that Taskmaster has cultivated so far, and it looks as if he’s been studying these following heroes very carefully.

5) Hawkeye

The first Black Widow trailer shows what seems to be a car chase through the streets in which Taskmaster is hunting someone down.

He rises from the top of an armoured vehicle with a bow and arrow. Taskmaster has accessed video footage of Clint Barton or maybe have run into with the character at some point in the past.

4) Captain America

In January teaser for Black Widow, fans got their first real glimpse of the criminal business dealings with Natasha, on a burning bridge, surrounded by smouldering vehicles. Besides the possibility of a car chase as in the first trailer, this clip looks at the Taskmaster using his shield.

The villain throws it into the Black Widow in a way that is unequivocally reminiscent of Captain America’s Shield. Also, Super Bowl Spots Taskmaster replicating another of Steve Rogers’ tricks: the classic Shield Kick Flip.

3) Black Panther

Beyond these two, Taskmaster’s imitation extends to the King of Wakanda. Users on Twitter have noticed Taskmaster revealing finger-tip nails, similar to those used by T’Challa in Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther. There is also a promo art of the Taskmaster Funko Pop statue that displays the character with the same nails.

2) Black Widow


Taskmaster can be seen face-to-face with the Red Guardian, and during the fight, he copies some of the fighting moves that Black Widow pulled in Iron Man 2. In the trailer, he’s studying the same fight in security footage, showing how easy it is to pick up skills for a villain. This means that when he finally goes one-on-one with Nat, it will be a fight with her mirror image.

1) Iron Man

At the end of The Black Widow’s final trailer, something interesting happens. Natasha and Taskmaster engage in aerial combat; then the villain ascends through the air like our Iron Man. True, the Taskmaster’s abilities will not be able to build his own Iron Man suit, but it is certain that aerial attacks are done in the same way as our beloved hero often does.

Considering how public Iron Man has been, we can assume that the Taskmaster had picked up skills any time when Tony Stark was active. Taskmaster’s identity is still a mystery, but one thing is for sure – whoever it is, not only has information about the original roster of the Avengers but also about other characters too. He also has intimate knowledge of the broader MCU. This would definitely be more troubling for Natasha and her “family” in the Black Widow.

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