Five Characters Who Saved Naruto’s Life

Here is everything you need to know about the five characters who saved Naruto’s life.

Iruka Blocks Mizuki’s ShurikenIruka Blocks Mizuki's Shuriken

The first enemy Naruto ever went up against was one of his academy teachers, Mizuki who had convinced him to steal a forbidden scroll under the guise of an exam. At this point in his life, it’s fairly understandable for Naruto to be naive and impressionable, though maybe that was a sign that he wasn’t quite ready to be a ninja.

Mizuki had no intention of rewarding Naruto and actively tried to kill him with a giant shuriken. Luckily Iruka, Naruto’s other teacher, and most influential father figure jumped in the way, blocking a likely fatal blow.

Sakura & Naruto Have Been Through A LotSakura & Naruto Have Been Through A Lot

As the teammate who didn’t impale Naruto with a Chidori, Sakura has probably fought by Naruto’s side more than anyone else. While he’s usually saving her, she has occasionally returned the favor.

As a genin, she protected his unconscious body from a group of sound ninjas in the aftermath of an attack from Orochimaru. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, her incredible medical abilities kept Naruto alive after the Nine-Tails were ripped from his body. These teammates look out for each other when they need it most.

Kakashi Saves Naruto All The TimeKakashi Saves Naruto All The Time

It’s essentially a Jonin sensei’s job to keep their genin from getting themselves killed. Considering it takes two entire series for Naruto to get promoted, Kakashi spends a lot of time keeping Naruto alive.

Kakashi defends him from a giant swordsman and prevents him from recklessly attacking a mad bomber. This is a teacher who cares about his student and will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.

Kurama’s Power Has Kept Naruto AliveKurama's Power Has Kept Naruto Alive

Kurama and Naruto’s first interaction may be the tailed beast killing the latter’s parents. But the two form a fairly strong bond. Even before they eventually make amends, Kurama has saved Naruto on numerous occasions. He lends him his power to heal, fight stronger foes, and to even stop his descent after falling off a cliff.

Kurama goes as far as sacrificing his own life after Naruto uses a technique that should kill him. Perhaps no relationship shows the effect Naruto can have on other characters. As Kurama goes from a rampaging killing machine to one of Naruto’s closest friends.

Obito Takes Kaguya’s AttackObito Takes Kaguya's Attack

It’s a little disturbing how frequently characters get impaled for Naruto’s sake. The difference with Obito is that he’s slowly disintegrated when he uses his body to shield Naruto from Kaguya’s Ash Bones. He could’ve saved himself with the Kamui but chose to use it to protect Kakashi.

It’s a moment that completes Obito’s redemption arc as he’s fully convinced that Naruto is capable of changing the world. It’s not often a series’ main villain gives their life to save the protagonist.

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