Five Reasons Why My Hero Academia Is The Best Anime Of All Time

Five Reasons Why My Hero Academia Is The Best Anime Of All Time

My Hero Academia stands as one of the most popular and beloved shonen anime series of the modern age. Many fans believe it to be the best modern anime overall, of any genre. Here is everything you need to know about the reasons why My Hero Academia is the best Anime of all time.

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My Hero Academia Features An Ensemble CastMy Hero Academia Features An Ensemble Cast
Five Reasons Why My Hero Academia Is The Best Anime Of All Time

Some anime series focus primarily on the protagonist and while that’s a fine storytelling method. Some of the best anime series, such as One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach, all feature a wide variety of heroes the viewers can cheer on or relate to.

My Hero Academia features one of the best casts of characters ever seen in anime and having an ensemble cast gives anime fans even more to love. Every character in Class 1-A has the potential to be somebody’s favorite character or role model.

My Hero Academia Enhances The School Life Genre

While some anime fans might be tired of the school life genre. Other anime series help refresh the formula and make school interesting all over again. Recent shonen anime such as Kakegurui and Food Wars! do this fairly well, but My Hero Academia is on another level entirely.

The all-too-familiar school setting gets a total makeover with the U.A. school. Which isn’t just a high school, but also a training camp for student heroes and by now, a miniature city unto itself.

My Hero Academia’s Story Arcs Are Concisely WrittenMy Hero Academia's Story Arcs Are Concisely Written

Any anime longer than 12 episodes is going to have a few story arcs to its name. Each arc is its own story with its own cast of characters, conflict, stakes, and themes. However, some anime series are known for marathon-length story arcs that might test viewers’ patience.

By contrast, My Hero Academia keeps its story arcs short and to the point. It delivers a lot of plot twists and character arcs in a remarkably short time frame. It allows MHA to have more story arcs without becoming bloated in length.

My Hero Academia’s Movies Tie Into The Main Plot Well

Most long anime series have a few tie-in movies. Ultimately, anime movies are optional spinoffs that aren’t required to understand the overall plot. But My Hero Academia takes extra steps to make its movies feel more relevant.

My Hero Academia often features bonus scenes or dialogue that allude to these movies. It’s often in brief filler sequences to provide an on-ramp to the three MHA movies. This makes the movies feel more meaningfully connected to the main series.

My Hero Academia Has An Incredible SoundtrackMy Hero Academia Has An Incredible Soundtrack

Many movies and TV shows are renowned for their incredible soundtracks. Some OSTs and theme songs are downright legendary. Meanwhile, My Hero Academia boasts one of the anime world’s best OSTs of all.

My Hero Academia’s soundtrack has dozens of outstanding and catchy songs that perfectly convey the right emotions and mood for any scene.

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