Avengers Endgame: Unused Storyboard Between Rocket and Wong


One of the best ways to keep the hype about a movie or a show even after it is finished is to keep the fans entertained. Marvel knows precisely how to do that.

Unexpected Pairing

In a newly released deleted scene from the Endgame, fans got to witness the unexpected pairing of two Avengers, and needless to say, it was hilarious and super fun.

Well, it was none other than Rocket Raccoon and Wong. Wong and Rocket are seen destroying Thanos’ soldiers, and it is a delight just to watch.

The scene is from the final battle in the Avengers’ facility. Rocket and Wong team up in destroying the soldiers. Rocket is ready with his highly powered gun, and Wong is prepared to use his magic portals.


Rocket and Wong unused Endgame storyboard [Fuentebella] from marvelstudios

Magic Portals and Gun Power

Wong is helping Rocket by opening the magic portals everywhere Thanos’ soldiers are there, and Rocket shoots them to particles with his gun.

It is funny to watch Rocket team up with anyone so, this shouldn’t be an exception. Finally, Rocket is left with only one shot, and to make the best out of it, Wong opens a lot of portals at the same time, helping him eliminate a lot in one go.



The Trademark line!

As expected, Rocket addressed him as Hocus Pocus called him to do his VooDoo and stuff, but that was not the only funny thing.  As usual, Rocket resorted to his trademark line of ‘How much for the ……?’

We saw Rocket trying to buy Bucky’s metal arm in the Infinity War, and now he tries to buy Wong’s ring at last after he saw what he could do.

To say that Rocket is the best partner to help lighten up is an understatement. If the world were not having another dangerous challenge ahead, maybe Tony Stark and Rocket would’ve had a big thug of war, and we would’ve had a gala watching.


Still, we are not complaining, we got to see Rocket pair up with Thor, and that was just perfect. Needless to say, they brought in the comedic factor to the Infinity War and The Endgame movies.

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